Dunkin’ Donuts Neumarkt Altstetten (Zurich, Switzerland)

Let’s have a quick review for today and its Dunkin’ Donuts.  Yes, you had seen it right? I know this is nothing new but for me it is because this is the first time, I will try Dunkin’ Donuts in Zurich.  While I had tried many Dunkin’ Donuts in my life, I never had tried it on the second country that I call home, Switzerland.   So, what’s special about this? If you have been in Switzerland you will notice that American fast-food chains are not popular at all because there are many amazing food places to try which delivers amazing food quality and taste, so why bother? For me it does matter somehow because there are times that I want to compare these fast-food chains from different countries, plus they are cheaper too compared gourmet stuff.

So how does it compare? Well it’s almost similar to most Dunkin’ Donuts but what I noticed as well is that their donuts texture last longer than the ones we have here in New Zealand where it turns hard the next day.  In Switzerland they also have other flavours that I haven’t seen anywhere like Mr Happy, Mrs Monster, Monster Donut and Swiss Flag Heart.  There are also flavours that I don’t know because they just call it Blue Sky and Red and White.

We grabbed a half dozen and tried some classic ones like the Homer Simpson donut (Strawberry Coated Sprinkles), Cookie Crumble, Boston Creme and Bavarian, we also grabbed the two new things for us,  Mr Happy and Swiss Flag Heart.  Like I said they are almost similar, texture on freshly bought ones are the same, they are light, but the fillings are just a bit sweet here.

Dunkin’ Donuts Neumarkt Altstetten
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