Globus Gourmet (St Petersburg, Russia)

If you happen to visit the Northern Part of Europe then you would notice that prices are quite different from its Middle or Southern counterparts but not in St Petersburg, Russia, in my personal opinion they are cheapest if compared to the Scandinavian countries, even posh restaurants are inexpensive but if you want to save further more I and still want some quality food then I may suggest Globus Gourmet, a mini mart which boasts not just regular grocery items but cooked food as well.

Unfortunately, we saw this after having lunch at Jamie’s Italian which is in close proximity of this place but there is nothing stopping us to grab some sweet bites after our scrumptious meal. But before we just delve into that let me tell you what you can buy at this place. Let’s start with the amazing selection of pastries, while I can’t read Cyrillic writing I sort of know what bread and pastry are on offer. There were tons of options which costs between RUB 66.00 to RUB 140.00 which equates to US$ 1.00 to US$ 2.15 which is very affordable, from sweet Danishes to loaf of bread you name it they have it. There were also cookies, chocolates, cakes, pizzas and other treats. Cakes cost at most RUB 2000.00 which is just US$30.00.

If you don’t fancy the sweets, they also have some savoury food, like an amazing selection of salads. They also have wraps and savoury crepes, as well as pasta and other carb dishes. Meat dishes are also sold which is either wrapped on cabbage, with sauce, in croquette for, fried or grilled. Seafood selection was not shabby either, and if you are looking for some Asian dishes behold, they also have something that looks like dumplings. Again, they are all affordable and it costs between RUB 65.00 to RUB 500.00 which equates to US$ 1.00 to US$ 8.00.

Honestly all of them all look amazing, while we haven’t tried them, I saw the diners eating then with joy.

What we did try are some breads and sweet treats. While looking at the display we saw this bread that we liked and tried to order them, but the lady who was assisting us told us that we should take the other bread which she highly recommended, we said no but she continued on insisting that we would love what she was recommending compared to the one we tried to order. While this can be offensive for some, for us this looked like a challenge, so we obliged and tried something new that looks foreign to us. I don’t know the names of either bread but what I can do is describe them, first was a bread with some creamy crumbly sweet topping and another one was filled with apple cinnamon and raisins. The bread texture was good, chewy soft and both fillings and toppings were very tasty, the suggestion worked really well, kudos to you our attendant. Each treat costs around US$ 2.50 per 2 pieces, very reasonable.

We then also tried some sweet treats like this sansrival looking slice and shortcrust pastry topped with strawberry and pistachio. The sansrival looking slice was nearly similar to the sansrival but instead of cashew it uses pistachio, it was not as sweet, and it was really good. The shortcut pastry on the other hand was too sweet, I think that is why its serving size was miniature, it goes well with coffee or tea which I ordered after getting my first bite.

This was a good place, a really good place, it’s not your ordinary restaurant where dishes you see written on menus are cooked on demand, here you have a visual of what you will be eating as it is already come prepared, all they need is to heat it up. I wish we had more time in St Petersburg so we can try more food items in Globus Gourmet. We will definitely put this in mind the next time we visit this place.

Globus Gourmet


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