The Market Scandic Continental (Stockholm, Sweden)

Everyday our breakfast in Scandinavia gets better and better like our post today, breakfast at The Market in Scandic Continental. It’s not just the breakfast which is great but the hotel as well, it’s the best one so far in this holiday of ours. It was very clean, modern, love the artworks and looks brand spanking new, the beds are adjustable to how you wanted it to shape for better comfort, like the ones you see in hospitals but even better, they even have free to use bikes.

The restaurant for the breakfast was great as well, again it was modern, urban and minimalist Scandinavian style and most importantly the space we huge so you will not run out of space even you wake up late. I liked how they arranged their buffet section where it’s not in rows of boring food stands but it was arranged in such a way that it blends with the surroundings, each section looks like a grazing table where things looks like they are scattered in a random manner but still organised in a very logical way.

There were several sections first was the bread section which is basically divided into two places one for the usual bread like sour dough, white toast, rye together with jams, butter and other spreads while the other section displays the Danishes, croissants and pudding.

The salads and cold cuts section where it showcases pates, herring, pickles, cheeses and salad ingredients

Then you have the cereal and fruits section which contains your different cereal selection, nuts, dried fruits, other cereal toppings, yogurt, fruits and pre made juice cocktails.

and finally, the warm selections which includes the usual scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, fried eggs, bacon, baked beans, potato, crepes, sausage, pudding and of course meatballs.

In these stall there were random items scattered such as fruits and vegetables which hopefully are included on the menu and not just decors because we did get a lot of avocadoes, and we seized the moment because when we visited this place the price of avocado in New Zealand was as high as NZ$15.00 per piece.

Food was good specially the breads, there was a good selection of cereal toppings, and he pre made power juices was a nice touch. I specially loved the meatballs, I just wish it came with mashed potatoes like the ones in Ikea.

The Market Scandic Continental
Phone: +46 8 51734200
Address: Vasagatan 22 111 20 Stockholm Sweden


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