MBQ (Stockholm, Sweden)

When you are in any Scandinavian country and if you want to have a big meal without breaking your bank or offering you first born then my suggestion is to find buffet restaurants, they will be similarly priced if not cheaper than normal restaurants. This is what we did at least every other day because we still do want to try their local fare but sometimes it’s just too much for the budget.

One of those buffet restaurants we tried was MBQ in Stockholm, it’s just near to where we stayed, in Scandic Continental. We first saw this after lunch when we were walking and discovering what’s within the vicinity and had a dinner here after a full-on day walking in Stockholm so we got some appetite.

It is an all in one Asian buffet where they serve not just Mongolian Barbecue but Asian cooked dishes, dim sums, sushi, sashimi, salads and ice cream, it is a hidden gem that every tourist in Stockholm should try, what’s even better is that it was very affordable, at 189 SEK (US$20.00) that’s cheap in Scandinavian standards. Asian dishes served when we visited this place was Fried Noodles, Stir Fried beef and bamboo shoots, Szechuan pork, Thai Chicken curry, Mussels in oyster sauce, stir fried vegetables, Stir fried tiger prawns, Chicken with cashew nuts, Crispy Duck with BBQ Sauce, Beef with Thai basil, Chicken yakitori and Chicken satay. There were deep fried dishes as well like Deep fried fish fillet, three types of Fried prawns, vegetarian egg rolls and breaded chicken wings.

There were different types of sushi and nigiri as well like the filled with either salmon, tuna, chicken, crab sticks, tamago, and/or avocadoes. Dim sums are a choice from chicken dumplings, pork and prawn shumai, steamed buns and vegetarian dumplings. Two soup choices, hot and sour plus miso soup alongside an array of salad and fruits. Then to top it all off a full-on Mongolian barbecue with 7 different kinds of meat and poultry, 4 different kinds of seafood and fish plus about 20 different vegetables which you can top with 9 different sauces.

It does not end there as the ice cream is included in the fare, there were at least 4 flavours and an array of toppings on showcase.

That is a lot right and trust me 95% of what they serve tasted amazing, everything was spot on specially for those who love the Asian cuisine. I specially loved the dim sums specially the shumai and crispy duck as well as the mussels in oyster sauce and believe me their fried chicken wings. Mongolian barbecue was great, the sauce is quite watered down, but you can easily solve this by adding more. What I did not like was the miso soup and that’s it, miso was watered down as well. Over all it was worth it, imagine at US$20.00 where can you get this specially in a Scandinavian country, so what are you waiting for, make yourself hungry, loosen those belts and pay these guys a visit.

Address: Vasagatan 8, 111 20 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 10 12 20
Website: http://www.mongolianbarbeque.se/


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