Bella Bambina Ristorante (Oslo, Norway)

In Oslo we stayed at Comfort Hotel Grand Central a three-star hotel that looks like a boutique hotel, while it may be classified as a three star trust me this place is way much cleaner and better than most four- and five-star hotels here in New Zealand. I think it’s classified as such as there are not many facilities like a big hotel, but we don’t care, as long as it clean and not outdated. One of the facilities that they don’t have is a restaurant but again who cares if you are in the centre of the city, add to that the fact that this hotel is located in Central Station of Oslo which sorts of provides the amenities you need within an arm’s reach. You need a supermarket, restaurant or flower shop you have, what’s even better you are at the station so travelling to and from the city is easy.

One of the restaurants that this Hotel partners with is the Bella Bambina Ristorante and this is where hotel visitors take their morning breakfast. Bella Bambina Ristorante is an authentic Italian restaurant, while we did not experience its Italian breed as we only had breakfast here, we loved the place. The setting is quite different to the usual buffet breakfast, it’s like you eating in a high-end restaurant and the buffet offerings was located in the kitchen which gives it a different attitude than most hotel breakfast.

During breakfast they offer the usual sausage, bacon, egg, baked beans and bread. Bacon here is quite different, it feels like shaved before even fried due to its very thin thickness, like a fatty prosciutto. They also offer different types of cereal that comes with different nuts and seeds like almonds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. They also have yoghurt, salads, fruits as well as cold cuts like turkey ham, normal ham, salami and liver pate.

While most are common to me there were new discoveries like their brown cheese and a fish dish that looks like a beef roulade in tomato sauce but made with fish. The brown cheese or what they call Brunost, it’s not technically cheese, and it does not taste like cheese. Why? because the main ingredient is whey and it is a by-product of the cheese making process, this is what’s left when the cheese is removed from the milk. However, it is produced by cheese makers, and is sold, handled and consumed in the same way as cheese, therefore it is generally considered as a cheese. The taste like is quite different it is slightly sweet with caramel and chocolate hints. The fish dish was good, in fact this is the one dish that I had seconds, its taste similar to sardines in tomato sauce but better and cleaner taste.

Overall, we loved it, good selection even those with dietary requirements have options at this place. Its clean, food is great, and the ambiance was perfect. A very nice place to start your day.

Bella Bambina Ristorante
Address: Østbanehallen, Jernbanetorget 1, 0154 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 22 17 42 00


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