Vietnamesisk Mat (Oslo, Norway)

If you happen to crave for some Asian food while in Oslo then there is a cheap and easy fix for you especially when you are in the CBD area, while there are some Asian restaurants in Olso, most of them are specialty restaurants and it can be expensive but not the ones you find in Markets like this Vietnamesisk Mat that we discovered in Youngstorget. Vietnamesisk Mat is not the restaurant name, in fact that I believe when translated to English it means Vietnamese food, they don’t have a place name, but this is the only Vietnamese food in that market, so you won’t get lost.

We happen to pass by this place on Saturday afternoon and saw this stand, it was our 6th day in Scandinavia or 8th day in Europe and did not have some Asian food for that whole time, so at this point we are heavily craving for something Asian and it happened to be that this place was cooking a fresh batch of noodles as we passed by and that’s the one that attracted us.

Fried Noodles / Kylliingnudler (NOK 80.00) while not cheap to American street food or even New Zealand street food standards, it was certainly cheap here. We grabbed one order to satisfy our cravings which it certainly did. It was served with thick yellow noodles, nice chunks of chicken and vegetables, it was good.

We also had some Spring Roll / Varrull (NOK 50.00 for 3 pcs) which went really good with the noodles, it’s a vegetable spring roll which was also freshly cooked. Crispy, tasty, fillings were generous, it was good as well.

Like I said we came in here on a Saturday, so I am not sure if these stalls are there on a daily basis so don’t blame me if you came in on a weekday and find nothing 🙂 and if that’s the case your solution for your craving is the two Thai restaurants nearby which costs twice or even thrice compared to this food stall.

Vietnamesisk Mat
Address: Youngstorget, Torggata, 0181 Oslo, Norway


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