Fiskeriet Youngstorget (Oslo, Norway)

Were now in Oslo, yay! So what food do I expect here, is it similar to Copenhagen? That was one of our questions prior to visiting this place, so we looked at Trip Advisor and see which places was good and affordable then Fiskeriet Youngstorget showed up. It was good since our hotel was walking distance from this place, so it was a no brainer, it’s just a 10-minute walk. After reading people comment on Trip Advisor the majority raved over their fish cake, fish and chips as well as their fish soup, that is what we are going to find out.

We came here for a late lunch but still there were many people eating, that was a good sign, and like my usual dining experience, my seating angel was on standby so miraculously there was an empty table waiting for us hence we did not wait long. As our tables are being cleaned I wondered around the place and found out that this place is not just a restaurant but also a seafood market and that means one thing, your food will be really fresh and what’s even better is that their specialty are seafood.

Menu is quite good, seven warm menu items, six cold menu items and oysters, that’s it, no stress. Of that seven we grabbed three items and plus one off the menu as my daughter liked a burger, while they offer Salmon burger, she does not eat cooked salmon for some reason, so they made her a special burger using their fish cake.

First order was Bacalao (NOK 198), a stokkfish (dried salted cod) stew with tomato, olives, potato, carrot, bread and aioli. During my younger years I was allergic to this, deadly allergic, one spoonful of that Bacalao will send me to an anaphylactic shock and it happened twice before. Since then I try to eat it once in a while in the hope of my body getting used to it and not rejecting them until I think I am free of that allergy. I love Bacalao, it’s such a good fish, salty, tender, very tasty hence even I had an allergy I kept on eating it, the one they prepared here is nothing different, it was very tasty specially in that tomato sauce.

We also had Creamy Fish Soup (NOK 208), their daily catch and vegetables in a creamy soup served with bread and aioli. Seafood was fresh, and I love how they made them, it’s more like a seafood chowder.

Then we had a dose of their popular fish cake, first as their usual menu called Fiskeriets traditional Fish Cake (NOK 149), served with the salad of the day, bread, pickled onion, cornichons and remoulade. This was so unexpected, the texture was very good, a different kind of texture that I am not used to, it was like a very dense sponge, but it was light, it was mildly tasty, good flavours, I can eat it all day.

Then it was served on a burger bun for my daughter which I think does go well too, especially with their brioche like bun that is so soft.

Overall, I love this place, I love seafood, so this is a given. Price is quite good for a Scandinavian country each dish averages US$23.00 and that considered affordable in this part of the world. Service was impeccable, place is clean and like I said food was great.

Fiskeriet Youngstorget
Address: Youngstorget 2b, 0181 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 22 42 45 40


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