Reffen Copenhagen Street Food – A Visual Essay

If you happen to be in Copenhagen and you love food, then a visit in Reffen is a must and if you think Scandinavian food is boring then wait till you give this place a visit. A 6000 square meter street food market which is a create a melting pot of different cuisines worldwide (18 nationalities represented including Filipino), a perfect place to enjoy nice food and cold drinks which you can get from 50+ different stalls while having the front row view of the Copenhagen harbour.

This place is more than just a street food place, it also an urban area for start-ups, innovation and creativity where all establishments here follow the sustainable dogmas “Reduce and Reuse”: Use compostable food service, reduce food waste, use organic, free-range and local ingredients wherever possible. If you think it’s just food in here then you’re wrong as they also host talks, concerts, workshops, quizzes and bingo to name some.

Apart from that, it’s just an amazing cool place to hang out, every stall, chairs and table looks like reused and re-purposed from old container vans and campervans. It feels very industrial, rough, artistic, sort of like a set from Fallout Game, Burning Man or MadMax, specially as you go to the place you feel like you’re lost, rough roads with occasional pot holes, a lot of industrial scraps and its barren location adds to the ambiance for this place located at the edge of Refshaleøen, Copenhagen. Enough of the talk, I will let the pictures tell the story.


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