Rajissimo Nyhavn (Copenhagen, Denmark)

After a fishy lunch we felt like having some sweet treats to cleanse that palate and it just happened that we were on the right place at the right time, in front of Rajissimo Nyhavn. While this place is popular for its freshly made ice cream, we did not opt for that as it was raining and cold instead, we grabbed some crunchy churros.

Initially we were torn between waffle stick or churros but seems like churros won our hearts, there are many options for this treat which you can enjoy with powdered sugar, chocolate syrup, soft serve ice cream, nuts, Oreos and/or any permutations of the above, we grabbed the most lightest one as we just had lunch so it’s the powdered sugar coated (Dkk 58.00) and chocolate syrup (Dkk 65.00).

Pictures might not do justice but the serving size of this is huge, it can probably feed two or more, one serve contains at least 8 larger than average churro, so this alone can be your lunch. It was freshly cooked, hot, creamy inside and very crispy outside, it was delicious.

If you happen to be here, I suggest you to try their other offering as well, ice cream is popular, but they do sell shakes, coffee, waffle sticks, gelato and soft ice cream.

Rajissimo 3
Address: Nyhavn 19, 1051 København K, Denmark
Phone: +45 27 24 22 17
Website: http://rajissimo.com/


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