Wagamama Tivoli (Copenhagen, Denmark)

The only Wagamama I tried in my life was the one in Auckland, first was their branch in Sylvia Park and next was one in High Street but sadly early July this year they had shut their doors. It was quite sad for me as I liked this place and their food, I so loved it I even recreated one of my favourites in their menu called the Teriyaki Steak Soba.

Before their doors shut, I was not able to grab my last dish from them as we were on a holiday in Europe back then, luckily there is a Wagamama in where we were at that moment and it was inside Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen, Denmark. Unlike the New Zealand branches this one was quite huge, which reminds me of the restaurant Cha Cha in Berlin, I guess they had the same concept.

Located at the back of the park near between the Bumper Cars and the Flying Trunk, there is also an entry in Tietgensgade street if you don’t wish to visit the park. Like I said the place was huge, perhaps it can sit more than 200 people easily, and the time we came in there was quite early for Danes lunch time, probably around 12:30 as there were very few people inside.

We started with some Peach Iced Tea (Kr 36.00) as we wait for our order. Few minutes later the order started coming and service was quite fast. I guess because there were a few people when we came in.

First item that came was the Grilled Duck Ramen (Kr 157.00), prepared with tender, boneless duck leg splashed with citrus ponzu sauce in a vegetable noodle soup. dressed in chilli, seasonal greens and coriander.

Then came the Shirodashi Ramen (Kr 147.00), made with slow cooked pork belly marinated in bulgogi sauce on top of noodles in a rich chicken broth with dashi and miso. topped with pea shoots, menma, spring onions, wakame and half a tea-stained egg.

Third was the Wagamama Ramen (Kr 152.00), a loaded ramen made with grilled chicken, barbecued pork, prawns, chikuwa and mussels in a miso, ginger and chicken noodle soup., topped with half a tea-stained egg, menma and spring onions.

The last order was Katsu Curry (Kr 144.00) for a change, since the first three were noodle soups. This one is prepared with chicken coated in crispy panko breadcrumbs, covered in an aromatic curry sauce served with sticky rice and a side salad.

The food was Ok, I find the New Zealand ones are much tastier probably because of local taste preferences. Flavours of the ramen broth was quite mild, but the ingredients used were great, salad on top was fresh and crispy and the toppings was tasty, I especially liked the pork belly on that Shirodashi Ramen. Kastu Curry on the other hand was phenomenal, crispy tasty and moist inside.

Overall the food was good, place was very clean, and the service was amazing. It was quite pricey compared to the New Zealand ones but it’s in Denmark, most of the things here are expensive. Just think of this, that Wagamama Ramen cost NZ$35.00 and the drink is NZ$8.50, with that price I can eat three really good bowls of ramen and two similar drinks.

Address: Tietgensgade 20, 1704 København, Denmark
Phone: +45 33 75 06 58
Website: https://www.wagamama.dk/restauranter/tivoli


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