Shake Out (North Shore City, New Zealand)

Have I mentioned before New Zealand burgers are the best in the world? I may be wrong but trying burgers in 34 different countries does mean something. From gourmet and fast food varieties, even the cheapo ones I gave them all a shot, while I haven’t tried the burgers from the remaining 161 countries at least I tried the countries that I know can make good burgers which includes most European countries, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and America.

I think New Zealand is just blessed with good farmlands hence we yield the best ingredients hence even burgers in small takeaway shops can easily take on gourmet burgers I tried all over the world. Good beef, good cheese, great buns, magnificent butter, amazing mayonnaise and ketchup plus fresh vegetables we have it all and that’s one secret of making a great burger.

Shake out is nothing different, for me they are one of the top three burgers I tried in New Zealand if not the first, they use premium pure New Zealand grass-fed beef and add nothing to the patty apart from salt and pepper during the cooking process. Their buns are baked with a blend of potato and pumpkin flour, then prior to serving they toast the bun and add a light layer of caramelised butter to finish it off. What’s even better they only serve basically one type of beef burger, the cheeseburger or the double cheese burger which is essentially double of the same thing, this means they can concentrate on perfecting and delivering only one thing, their burger. And if that’s not enough their menu is quite simple all you can order is burger, French fries, sundae, milk shake and cola and that’s it.

I have said many times the fewer the amount on the menu a restaurant has the perfect it is, less stress and it means they only perfect one thing. Now let’s dissect why I consider this burger the best. First the patty, it’s the right size and perfect thickness, not to thin and not too thick either, its juicy and not too wet to make your buns soggy, perfectly seasoned and cooked. Even the double cheeseburger is not too much like most gourmet ones. Next is the cheese, the cheese use is not too tasty to overpower the beef, it’s just right to give a cheesy melty texture to finish off every bite. The sauce which they said is their secret, is so mild you don’t even notice it’s there, it just amplifies the beefy taste. Finally, the bun, a brioche like bun, that is soft but sturdy to hold the meat without breaking, slightly chewy an don’t too heavy.

They also cook everything fresh as you order, and they do it really quick, the burgers arrive to you in perfect temperature. Combining it all makes it a really good burger, the size is the key, making it easily consumed without a mess and without feeling sick, like I said this is the perfect sized burger, you might think it looks small but wait till you grab hold of one and finish it off, it’s just enough to fill your hunger and satisfaction. Like what their site says “Grab-and-go, eat-in or take-out. All of our food has been created to fit in one hand, so that eating great food doesn’t need to slow you down.” I can’t agree more.

As for the other menu items, they too are great. The French fries for example, again perfect size and quantity. We usually don’t rave about fries as we rarely eat them in fast food but this one is different, the crunch to soft inside ratio is perfect, add to that the cheese sauce that accompanies it.

For the shakes and sundaes, it’s another perfect creation by Shake Out, again portions are exact to your needs, not too sweet and well-balanced flavours, like on our orders each element can be tasted and distinguished, they don’t over power each other.

Finally, the cola, you think we won’t review this, well we will as this tasted really special. It is one of those few moments that I tasted the real essence of a Kola nut flavour, this definitely is not one of the major brand colas.

To make this place even more special, its not just the food even the ordering system is very different. They offer the ultimate, frictionless customer experience, eliminating cash payments helps speed up the ordering process, where they use only tablets, a simple menu, a simple ordering User Interface and EFTPOS payment, no human interaction. After the order you key in the buzzer that you can carry to you table and when your burger is ready, it buzzes and off you go to pick up that great food waiting for you.

During this visit we tried the Cheeseburger (NZ$ 8.50), Double cheeseburger (NZ$ 11.00), Cheesy Fries (NZ$ 6.50), Lime Pistachio Shake (NZ$ 7.50), Organic Soft Serve Chocolate Sundae (NZ$ 5.50) and Cola (NZ$ 3.50). As you can see, they are priced well too which is an added bonus. Now because of you Shake Out I will have a hard time finding a good burger again, I will definitely choose you first when I get burger cravings, sorry burger joints this one is hard to beat.

Shake Out Smales Farm
Address: Retail Unit C, B:HIVE Building, 72 Taharoto Rd, Smales Farm, Takapuna, Auckland 0622, New Zealand
Phone: +649 489 8223

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  1. Mye says:

    When I saw Shake out the first time, I thought it was Shake Shack lol….

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