The Endless Varieties of Kakanin

5 Types of Maja


Cornstarch, Cooked, Placed in Containers to set

Purist may say that this is not a kakanin but since it is consumed like such and usually served and sold with kakanins then it can be considered as one. These coconut milk flavoured cornstarch is cooked in a pot or kawali until it is thickened, it is then transferred into a container to set before serving.

Maja Blanca – The most basic form, basically thickened cornstarch flavoured with coconut milk and sugar

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Maja Buko Pandan – Maja infused with pandan essence and studded with young coconut strips.
Maja de Ube – Maja in combination with ube (purple yam)
Maja Kalabasa – Maja in combination with kalabasa (squash).

Maja Mais – Maja studded with corn kernels



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