The Endless Varieties of Kakanin

3 Types of Palitaw


Ground Rice, Boiled and Served Plated or Hand-Held kakanin variety

Another type of rice cake where it is made with you guess what? Yes, glutinous rice but this time the cooking method is boiling until it floats. It is where the name come from, “litaw” which means float. Basically, rice flour is formed into discs and cooked in liquid until it floats.


Palitaw – The most basic form made with glutinous rice then served with grated coconut and sugar
Palitaw sa Latik – Palitaw cooked by boiling it in liquid like water or coconut milk, topped with toasted coconut milk curds and served with sweet coconut cream.

Masikoy – Palitaw cooked in sweetened water with the roasted sesame powder



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