The Endless Varieties of Kakanin

11 Types of Kalamay


Rice Cakes that are made with Ground Rice, Cooked and Wrapped or Placed in Containers

This sweet sticky delicacy is usually prepared with coconut milk, brown sugar, and ground glutinous rice. This kakanin is stickier and sweeter than usual rice cakes hence it can be enjoyed not just as a snack but also as a dessert, it is also usually consumed in smaller batches. Cooking this one is quite different as it involves a lot of mixing and turning as its not usually steamed, boiled or grilled.

Antipolo Kalamay or Kalamay Perya – I grew up on this one, this dense dark flat disk served on banana leaves is a definite dental filling remover. Popularly sold in front of Antipolo Church.

Baguio Kalamay or Sundot Kulangot – A type of kalamay from Baguio City with a funny name, if translated it’s called ‘Picked Booger’ due to its consistency and where it is served, packed into halved pitogo shells.
Bohol Kalamay – The bigger version of Baguio Kalamay served in halved smooth coconut shells
Candon Kalamay – Traditionally wrapped in banana leaves but now is popular as wrapped in cellophane squares.


Espasol – Cylindrical sticky rice cakes coated with toasted rice flour to avoid sticking together.
Iloilo Kalamay or Kalamay Hati – A thicker consistency kalamay popular in Iloilo
Indang kalamay or Kalamay Buna – A popular delicacy in Indang Cavite also wrapped in cellophane usually prepared with glutinous rice flour, coconut milk and panutsa.
Kalamay Gabi – White coloured kalamay made with gabi (taro)
Kalamay Ube – Purple coloured kalamay made with ube (purple yam)
Kalamay sa Latik – Kalamay served in a sweet syrup made with palm sugar topped with toasted coconut oil with toasted coconut cream curd called latik

Kulambo – The white version of Kalamay from the province of Pangasinan



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