The Endless Varieties of Kakanin

12 Types of Bibingka


Ground Rice, Placed in Containers and Baked

A type kakanin variety is a rice cake prepared with rice flour batter then poured on cooking vessels then baked. It can be topped with many different types of ingredients like custard, sugar syrup and cheese to name some.

Bibingka or Bibingka Galapong – In its simplest form made with rice flour, coconut milk and sugar, topped with cheese and salted duck eggs usually served during Christmas.
Bibingkang Itlog – Prepared with developed but unhatched duck eggs are mixed into the batter
Bibingkang Lalaki or Bibingkang Mandaue – Bibingka that uses tuba (coconut wine) instead of yeast as its raising agent.

Bibingkang Malagkit 1

Bibingkang Malagkit – Bibingka that uses glutinous rice flour instead of normal rice flour, sometimes slices of langka are added.
Bibingka Pinipig – The green Bibingka prepared with pinipig topped with coconut milk caramel.

Bibingkoy – Glutinous rice flour bibingka filled with sweetened mung bean paste and topped with coconut cream, jackfruit and sago.
Buko Bibingka – Bibingka loaded with slices of buko (young coconut flesh)
Cassava Cake or Cassava Bibingka – Not made with rice but with grated cassava. Buko or Pineapple can also be added.
Durian Bibingka – Bibingka baked with durian flesh, popular in Davao Region

Royal Bibingka 2

Royal Bibingka – The chewy bibingka made with glutinous rice flour topped with cheese.
Salukara – The pancake bibingka, it uses tuba (coconut wine) and cooked in pans like pancake which is greased with pork lard
Sinukat – Bibingka baked in half coconut shells.



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