The Endless Varieties of Kakanin

6 Types of Biko

Biko or Sinukmani

Whole Rice, Placed in Containers and Baked

If you hate doing the wrapping or not good with your suman wrapping skills, then this kakanin variety is for you, so make Biko instead.  Also made with sticky rice, coconut milk, and brown sugar like suman but instead of steaming, it is baked then topped usually with latik.

Biko – Biko in its most basic form

Biko 2

Biko na Pirurutong
 – Prepared with pirurutong (purple sticky rice) and white glutinous rice cooked in ginger, coconut milk, lemon rinds, brown sugar and topped with latik.
Bikong Navotas or Biko with Munggo – Prepared with glutinous white rice and green mung beans.
Pandan Biko – Biko infused with pandan essence

Puto Maya – Sounds like puto but it is biko served like a puto.
Ube Biko – Biko infused with purple yam.



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