The Endless Varieties of Kakanin

13 Types of Puto


Ground Rice, Placed in Containers and Steamed

Perhaps the most popular one in this list, it’s so popular there are many varieties of it which I will mention below. The most basic is a simple fermented rice ground and mixed with sugar and liquid (milk or water) steamed and enjoyed on its own or with other savoury dishes like pancit and dinuguan. Varieties include:

Cheese Puto 1

Puto – the most basic form, prepared with rice flour, sugar and milk. Salted duck egg or cheese are options for topping but it can also be good without.
Puto Anise – Puto prepared with Anise Seed
Puto Balanghoy or Puto Lanson – Made not with rice but with cassava, coconut and brown sugar
Puto Binan – The big puto, usually comes as a large slab or in a bilao, it is sweet and cheesy

Puto Bumbong 1

Puto Bumbong – The Christmas puto made with ground purple rice cooked in a bamboo steamer, usually served during Christmas

Puto Calasiao 2

Puto Calasiao – Bite sized very sticky and sweet puto from the town of Calasiao, Pangasinan

Puto Flan 1

Puto Flan – Puto with leche flan
Puto Mamon – Puto prepared with rice cake mixed with egg yolks making it similar to the Filipino bread called mamon
Puto Manapla – Puto that uses tuba as its leavening agent which also imparts a very unique flavour.
Puto Pandan – Puto infused with pandan essence

Puto Pao 1

Puto Pao – Puto filled with pork asado resembling Asado siopao
Puto Seko – The hard and dried puto, it’s like a shortbread but made with rice flour.
Puto Ube – The Ube flavoured puto.



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