Hokka Hokka (Brisbane, Australia)

Design your own noodle! Whoever created this should be given an award, this is brilliant one of the amazing creations of the century. Perhaps I am over reacting, but I really liked this concept and it was the first time I heard of this and it was in Hokka Hokka Brisbane.

Basically, how it works is that you choose a style of noodle whether it is clear soup, laksa or stir fried (where you can also choose your sauce). Then you choose a type of noodle which is a choice from seven different types, then you choose a meat topping which by default comes with three vegetables. For one meat topping your meal will cost AU$13.90 and for two its AU$15.90, can there be three, I did not tried.

On my first time I chose laksa with yellow noodles and for toppings I opted for beef and prawns then for my vegetables it was Bok Choy, tofu and mushrooms. It was great! I love the flavours, the laksa is very tasty, creamy, partly sweet and mildly spicy. The serving size was huge too which is a big plus.

I hope this concept goes to New Zealand, while we have something nearly similar like what you see in Noodle Canteen, they offer their noodles predetermined in their menu and while they have tons of options it would be good to have it as freely as you can get with Hokka Hokka. Noodle Canteen please do this, you already have the capacity to do so.

Hokka Hokka
Address: 168 Elizabeth St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia
Phone: +61 7 3229 9755
Website: https://hokkahokka.com.au/

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