Chu The Phat (Brisbane, Australia)

If you’re looking for a good feed in town then look no further as Chu The Phat can definitely satisfy that craving, all you need is order their banquet menu and you will be sorted, let the waiter serve you those delicious plates as they cook fresh out of the kitchen and leave your worry behind.

Chu the Phat located just at the edge of Brisbane’s CBD, a vibrant and contemporary restaurant that serves Asian style street food inspired by the Hong Kong, Korean and Taiwanese hawker stalls, if that does not fancy you I don’t what will. We came here several weeks ago, and it was such a good experience to say the least, and like I mentioned the best way to enjoy this is through their platter and that’s what we ordered.

Before we go in to that we did stayed a while in the bar and grabbed some drinks, they have a full-on bar that serves anything from beer, wines and cocktails plus everything in between. I started with a couple of Black Label shots and a pint of Stella Artois (AU$ 13.00) before heading upstairs in their larger dining area.

The order was Banquet 2 (AU$ 60.00/pp) which consists of 12 different items, it was a feast, a delicious feast. This was nice as it takes out the thought process of ordering and let the food flow.

It started with the Salad, in the form of Poached chicken served with watercress, cucumber, green chilli & sesame, a really nice combination of flavour and texture, it was a good starter which gives your taste buds a good head start of what’s coming next.

Then came the boiled pork dumplings, tomato & miso relish, another good flavourful combination, in fact this is the first time I tried dumplings served with a relish, not just a relish but an interesting combination of flavour, it was surprisingly good, tons of umami.

Steamed duck buns came next, another new thing for me, not the steamed buns buts its fillings. I am used to minced pork, chicken or barbecue pork but not duck. Filled with pulled duck that is savoury and mildly sweet, another great dish.

Pork & kimchi spring rolls came next and it was served with anchovy mayo. Guess what? Yes, it’s another combination that I never expected in spring rolls. It was a circus of flavours in my mouth, I was confused in a nice way, I was so used to spring rolls, so I was expecting a different flavour after one bite, but I was presented with something even better, it simply just works.

Another type of dumplings came in, this time it’s more of a common flavour for me, the chicken & mushroom dumplings, coriander & sunflower, it was comforting. Nice texture, nice bounce on the filling. This marks the end of the starters.

Mains came next, first with the Shui Zhu Yu, spicy fish stew. Now we are talking! this is a flavour bomb, one of my favourites, it might be hot for most but its borderline burning hot as you can still taste all the flavours in this dish. You had been warned, you need lots of rice on this one.

Then the Beef ‘kalbi‘ came next where it is served with shiso leaf, ssamjang, assortment of kimchi. Another favourite, the beef is fork tender, you will not even exert an effort chewing on them, full of flavour then the mayonnaise just cuts through all of that.

Several side dishes came with the mains, first is the quintessential Asian greens in the form of Stir-fried wok greens served with house made oyster sauce.

Next side was the Marinated cucumber & Garlic

And the Tomato & smoked tofu salad. All sides perfectly matched the mains, it’s like a pairing made in heaven.

At this stage everyone on our table was on their brim, some dishes not finished as the serving sizes were more than enough, let alone the quantity of varieties.

But what better way to end this dinner is by a small dessert, just enough to cleanse that palate and what they served did a good job. Banana & coconut cream tart with roasted macadamias, light, clean tasting, not too sweet and not too overpowering, just enough to coat your taste buds with a lasting mellow taste.

It was one heck of a meal, I haven’t eaten like a pig like this for quite some time, it was one of the best dinners I had this year so far and I hope you experience this too. Chu The Phat, you made me fat! I will be back!

Chu The Phat
Address: 111 Melbourne St, South Brisbane QLD 4101, Australia
Phone: +61 7 3255 2075

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