Vapiano (Brisbane, Australia)

It’s a German brand serving Italian dishes in Australia and here I am a Filipino living in New Zealand trying them, Globalization. Vapiano is nothing new to me in fact my first encounter with this was in Berlin and I really liked the concept, in fact several concepts where most of them I saw only at this place. First is where you have your own card where they place what you had ordered, this is a good way to pay for your own rather than subdivide and calculate what’s on the table. Second is they cook as you order as you watch (except for the pizza of course). Finally, the fresh herbs in pots where you can grab as many as you like, I love basil, so this was a good idea for me.

Vapiano in Australia is nothing different as they employ the same concept. What is different though is that the ingredients are sourced in Australia and according to their site they sourced from within 150 kilometres of each restaurant. I guess it will be the same in Germany or any other places where Vapiano is. it just sounds so logical at the same time it helps the local industry.

There are many Vapiano’s in Australia and the ones I tried was the one in Brisbane’s Albert Lane, a place where I had dined a lot. When I checked their menu, the first thing I tried to find was their Caprese salad as it was my favourite back then but to my surprise, they don’t sell it here, what they do have is the Antipasti version where it is served with ciabatta. I did not order that as I am planning to grab some pizza and pasta so an additional bread with be too much.

We started then with some pizza in the form of Diavolo (AU$20.00), basically a pizza topped with spicy pepperoni, capsicum red onions on homemade tomato sauce and mozzarella. Pizza was as great as the ones I tried in Berlin, the dough is what I expected, soft, chewy with some crunchy bits. Toppings was much more than what you get in Germany, must be the preference of the Aussies. Anyways it still tasted amazing.

For pasta we had some Lasagne al Forno (AU$21.00), made with layers of pasta sheets, pork, beef Bolognese sauce, parmesan and mozzarella and it came with a side salad. It was good as well, but I wish it had more meat, I felt that I was eating more of the bechamel and cheese. It was perfectly seasoned, bechamel was silky smooth and pasta was great. But like I said a little more meat would be way much better.

Then we also tried their Carbonara (AU$21.00), an Italian classic with Aussie bacon, onions, cream sauce thickened with egg yolk then topped with parmesan and parsley. I tried this in Berlin, and I prefer this one, its more cheesy and bacony (if there is such a word) plus it is served with two slices of bread.

So, it’s basically nearly the same, small differences due to the local ingredients but everything was delicious as expected. If you want a quick and easy Italian fix then this is it, what’s even better is that you can see your food prepared from getting the ingredient up to its plating.

Vapiano Albert Lane
Address: 191 Albert St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia
Phone: +61 7 3221 4933

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