16 Ways to Cook Bulalo

One of the beloved Filipino beef cuts for is the Bulalo, the leg bone section of a cow that is meaty, fatty and full of collagen, not to mention that buttery marrow that comes with it. Usually these cuts are tough but once cooked right there is no coming back, it will be one of the most delicious meat cut you will ever try. Like most meat cut that is beside the bone it will have the best flavour and texture than any other parts.

In Philippines cuts like these are used on soup dishes and the most popular one is the Bulalo, a simple boiled beef leg in water with onions but sometimes you need a deviation, a change once in a while where you can still enjoy that wonderful cut but with a twist, a different flavour so if you are in that scenario, check this list out as I will showcase 16 Ways to cook Bulalo.

Bulalo 4

Bulalo – The most basic one, a simple boiled beef leg. You can go fancy by adding corn and spring onions but that it, its beef soup in its purest form

Bulalo Mami 1

Bulalo Mami – Usually Bulalo is served with rice but what if you love noodles, then here is your solution. Basically, your usual bulalo served with crispy fried garlic, vegetables and of course thin egg noodles.

Bulalo Steak 2

Bulalo Steak – So if you don’t want the soup then there is also an alternative and it’s in the form of steak served sizzling in a hot plate topped with rich mushroom gravy. But why pass on the soup if you treat that gravy like a soup.

Bulalo Pares 2

Bulalo Pares – A combination of two of the favourite Filipino street eatery dishes, a conglomeration of two hangover cures, the Bulalo and Pares

Kare Kareng Bulalo – Talking about a marriage of two dishes then why not merge Kare Kare and Bulalo, I pretty sure most Filipinos would love this one.

Kansi 2

Kansi – But how about the ones who love Sinigang? While there is no actual dish named Sinigang na Bulalo there is what we call Kansi which is basically Sinigang na Bulalo but instead of tamarind, a sour fruit called batawan and lemongrass is used.

Bulcachong – This is Bulalo in steroids, a Davao specialty this bulalo is ginger and lemongrass heavy, not to mention its bright orange colour.

Pocherong Bisaya 1

Pocherong Bisaya – Another Bulalo variation again with lemongrass and more vegetables, let’s just say this is a well-balanced bulalo.

Taiwanese Beef Shank Noodle Soup 1

Taiwanese Beef Shank Noodle Soup – Taiwanese love their Bulalo as well but not with rice, they have it in rice noodles. And yes, it is more aromatic

Bún bò Huế 1

Bún bò Huế – The Vietnamese have their own version as well but this time it’s a marriage of two legs pork and beef which gives this dish a lot of collagen

Lanzhou Beef Noodle Soup 1

Lanzhou Beef Noodle Soup – And for sure the Chinese will not be left out and they have this Lanzhou Beef Lamian, if you like it hot then this is your dish


Nihari – Now if you are a curry fanatic then this Bulalo is for you, with fennel seeds, cumin, cardamom, cloves, cayenne pepper, paprika, turmeric powder, coriander, nutmeg, star anise, cinnamon, ginger, onions and garlic this is what your curry dreams are made of.

Caldo de Res 1

Caldo de Res – Spain has their version as well, like a Filipino bulalo but with tomatoes of course.

Blanquette de Veau 1

Blanquette de Veau – Now for the French variant why not have it with butter, pearl onions, mushrooms, egg yolks, cream and bouquet garni. It a creamy delicious French delight.

Osso Bucco

Osso Bucco – And of course the Italians have their take on this as well where it is cooked with tomatoes, white wine and anchovies

Braised Beef Shanks in Preserved Lemons 1

Braised Beef Shanks in Preserved Lemons – The preserved lemony goodness from this dish makes those shanks stand out.


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