Bobby McGees (Melbourne, Australia)

Like I mentioned last week with our conference we have a different venue during the evenings and if it’s our company who organizes it, it would definitely be one hell of a party, a party like what you have seen in the Wolf of Wall Street, we definitely know how to celebrate our successes and it’s a night of liver punishing dress up parties, drinking by the way is your choice but a lot choose to party hard.

For our party on the first night it was at Bobby McGees, honestly this is one of the best themed venues we ever had tried. Feels like I was transported to a different place, it’s like a theme park inside with Eclectic décor and themed paraphernalia, you will feel like you went back in time, 1950’s America to be precise. Fitted with realistic building and art deco with fully functioning three operational bars, you will definitely never run out of drinks.

Upon entry we were welcomed with a 3.6 Metre Donut Wall and this was impressive, so pretty people don’t want to grab their donuts. I was so impressed I did not even try one of the donuts and just took a picture of it.

Then after that wall is that surprise, the venue. You will not have an idea that it would look like that from the outside. Several art deco buildings with bars and food stations plus a large sunken dance floor in the middle. Words can’t describe this place looks like. And typical me, instead of grabbing my drink I headed straight to the food station, first one was the Roasted Pork Roll station where they obviously serve Pork Rolls with Crackling and Apple Sauce, I love this, simple, filling and tasty. Crackling was like a condiment, so I was nibbling through that condiment while the server prepares my pork roll, it was good, meat was juicy, buns were moist and soft, it was so good I recreated them at home after I went back to New Zealand.

Next station was the Fish and Chips shop where Fish and Chips are served with Tartar sauce and Crunchy Fries. IT was served in a cone, nice snack size and not too oily. I liked this as well, fish well fried, very crunchy and still juicy inside, not dry.

There were also some servers who walked around carrying cocktails like Wagyu Brisket Slide served with Siracha Mayo and Red Cabbage Coleslaw; and Macaroni Cheese Cubes with Tomato Chutney. Those are the ones I saw, I tried the Macaroni Cheese and it was again another surprise, most of the fried mac and cheese I had was not good and dry but this one was cheesy, melting inside good, I was impressed.

I then had a couple of drinks then the Asian group had gathered, there were 6 of us. We then decided we sneak out and grab some Asian food which to our luck China Town was just around the corner.

On our next review it will be a good Xiaolongbao joint in that China Town so watch this space. But as for this venue, it was A++++, a place I would highly recommend, you will not be disappointed, the food, the venue and the music, everything was perfect.

Bobby McGee’s
Address: 186 Exhibition St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Phone: +61 3 9635 1210


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