Pullman on the Park (Melbourne, Australia)

From my last two review posts you might have noticed that we had our conference in Melbourne and the actual hotel that hosted us as Pullman on the Park which is a great venue, we had our two days of conference there and the hotel most probably would have catered for our lunches and that’s what we are showcasing to you today. While our accommodation included breakfast we will not be touching that since like most hotels they have a stock standard fare like bacon, sausages, omelettes, bread, pasties, fruits, cereal, etc so nothing worth mentioning on that unlike other hotels that serve wider selections, but don’t get me wrong even though that was the case the quality of the food was good.

What I want to show you guys is what was catered for us and I love it. For the next two days of our conference the dishes prepared was build your own style which gives the diners freedom to choose what they want to put on their plates. If you’re thinking it’s a buffet, not quite, while that gives you the choice, you don’t have the option to design your specific meal. What I was pointing out was the food is more like build your own burgers or build your own tacos.

Let’s start with the first day which was tacos. There were lots of taco stations on the premises which was good since we had at least 200 delegates on that event. Each station starts with your choice of taco shell, like tostadas, taco, soft taco and nachos then followed by an array of fillings like fish ranchero, chicken fajita, chilli, etc. It was then finished with some guacamole, cheese, tomato salsa, sour cream, sweet chilli sauce, cob salad, corn and avocado salad and bean salad. Desserts on offer was chocolate mousse and some cheesecake. It was a good taco, messy but I love the flavours and it was quite filling.

There were snacks in between which I did not take a photo of, snacks for the two days were some savoury pastries, sausage rolls, sweet muffins and sweet slices.

Day two was another build your own, this time it was something between burgers and sliders. Can’t call it a burger as it was small, I also can’t call it slider as it was bigger than a usual slider. Buns had two choices, a gluten free and a no gluten free variant then patties like beef patty, breaded chicken and there was also a vegan option. There are tons of condiments to choose from which I can’t remember as I did not have a photo of the station but what I can remember was beetroots, pickle relish, jalapeno and salad greens. There was some array of sauces as well like barbecue, mayonnaise, hot sauce and ketchup and to complete everything there was some salad and French Fries that come along with it. Desserts on the second day was dark chocolate slice and some type of mousse topped with passionfruit.

Dinner was not hosted by the hotel, first night was at Bobby McGees, an awesome venue which we will be posting next week. The second night was European Bier Cafe & Aer Rooftop Bar another great venue, but it was small to handle all our delegates.

Lunch food was great, I love that kind of fare from time to time but as an Asian I do crave for rice and noodles after several days and that’s what we did during our cocktail parties at night, basically sneaking out and grabbing that bite secretly. Wait for that post which we will be writing soon.

Pullman Melbourne On The Park
Address: 192 Wellington Parade, Melbourne VIC 3002, Australia
Phone: +61 3 9419 2000
Website: https://www.pullmanonthepark.com.au/


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