Airline Food – Air New Zealand Business Premiere

I had reviewed Air New Zealand’s food before but today is something special as we are flying on Business Premiere. The experience was wonderful to say the least as everything starts even before you fly, with its own premium check in at Auckland Airport, your own lift and queue to customs then a complimentary stay at their Koru lounge, you will feel special.

While Koru Lounge is not new to me, for most people they can only enjoy this by being a very frequent flyer, an annual membership, a Business Premier ticket or as a guest of a member. For me it was either I was a guest or as a frequent flyer, this was the only time I stepped in to the lounge with a Business Premier ticket, it does not change anything and you still enjoy the same amenities the lounge has to offer like buffet dining or ordering coffee using your phone.

I had tried several lounges from Air New Zealand like the ones in Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne so far Auckland is the best but it’s always packed with people. Food here are different every time and had the opportunity to try it in different times, all I can say is that food service was impeccable and the best dish I ever tried in a lounge was an Asian Noodle soup from Auckland and Mussels and Cream in Sydney, and both are cooked to order and the way you liked it.

Enough with the lounge and let’s go to the Business Premiere on the plane where you will be greeted with a drink of your choice, it can be a glass of champagne or some of the award-winning wines for New Zealand. It does not stop there as they continue to offer you drinks while the plane fills up in the economy. So, while people are struggling with human traffic in the small plane hallways (I can relate) you are already relaxing in a bigger space with fine wines at your disposal.

Dining is another experience where it starts with a good menu selection. Then the stewards or stewardess places a table mat on a large table for you then your food gets served by course. During my flight it was breakfast so they offered fruits first, then cereals with yoghurt, followed with a bread of your choice (it was croissants and toasted sour dough, not the round dinner rolls) then with your mains. Juices was different as well not your usual bottled ones as the one I got was a banana and mango smoothie with chia seeds (I think). And all are served on proper plates, real wine glasses and metal cutleries.

Food was served individually like the way they do in restaurants, so there were no food trolleys going around. To add all that there is a wide selection of drinks from different coffees, teas, soft drinks, wine and liquor. After your meal, all you do is sit back, literally relax in a very comfortable wide seats that you can recline without bothering someone at the back with almost real size soft fluffy pillow for you to cuddle with your entertainment system. If you are still not comfortable Air New Zealand Business Premier seats can be converted to a bed with a touch of a button.

To top it all up before you leave they give you a express checkout ticket so you can breeze through customs without queuing up with other people, but that is a rarity since you are always first one to go out so you will always be first in line if your plane was the only one that landed at that moment. It was a good experience that I really recommend even just trying it once in your life, you will feel really special the whole way plus very relaxed as its more quiet on that section of the plane, as few people occupy the area per square meter, you are attended very well to all your demands plus the service and amenities are impeccable, I will definitely do this again, save a bit of money to have it experienced again. Or in the hope that one day Air New Zealand’s read this article and offer me and my wife a free upgrade :)


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