Top 18 Perfect Alternatives to your usual Baon

Top 18 Perfect Alternatives to your usual Baon is a list of dishes that replaces your usual baon, so if you’re tired of them grab hold of this list and start replacing it with something different

Baon, what is this word? Basically, this is the equivalent of packed lunch for Filipinos. Baon, almost all Filipinos do this, whether it is school, office or outings this is inevitable, its embedded in our culture. Like most packed lunches there are rules on what to pack and we take note of this for our convenience.

First and most important of all the food should not expire or spoil quickly (madaling mapanis) hence Filipinos don’t pack foods with tomato sauce, pasta or coconut milk. Second, it should not be fatty (masebo) because not all places have microwave or something to heat your food on, it its fatty then it’s harder to consume, luckily in Philippines is warm, just imagine packing adobo for lunch in cold countries.

Third, the food should remain tasty even when cold. Almost related to our second rule as cold fat tastes way different from warm fat. Some dishes are also nice consumed hot but not when it cold so this has to be taken into consideration. Finally, it should be easily consumed (madaling kainin), since most packed lunch are consumed on containers or paper plates, it is also important that the food can be easily consumed unless you want to get dirty, so this means goodbye bony meats, large chunks of meat, fish with bones and even soups.

With those sorts of rules in mind most Filipinos resort to something fried like Tapa, Longaniza or Tocino and if you want sauce trust me Adobo will always be there, with the vinegar content this will go a very long way, acting as a preservative plus adobo gets better with time. But some of you may feel like “Adobo nanaman” (Adobo again?), well you are not alone, I have been into that situation hence when we do baons we try to think of other alternatives and our post today is all about that, the Top 18 Perfect Alternatives to your usual Baon.

Anyways don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad with the usual ones, they good in its own right but if you want something different then here are the replacement.

Adobong Baboy -> Pork Salpicao
Love pork you’re going to somewhere cold and worried about the sebo (grease/tallow) then consider a less fatty option like Pork Salpicao, it’s also salty and garlicky but less fat.

Bistek -> Veal Scallopini

Beef can sometimes be tough specially the ones commonly used in Philippines yet we still love our Bistek, for a softer alternative why not use veal, basically a younger cow which definitely tender, and they best way to cook that is Scallopini with wine acting as its preservative.

Giniling -> Bagis

Minced meat for minced meat so instead of the usual giniling dish why not bagis, its simpler to prepare plus it has a nice kick to it

Embutido -> Meatloaf

Embutido is another popular baon but sometimes it’s hard to prepare this as you have to warp them in aluminium foil then steam, so as a replacement why not meatloaf? As long as you have an oven you have one less step to make.

Burger Steak -> Garlic Pepper Beef

For the love of Jollibee we extend that to our baons and make a Copycat Burger Steak at home but if you are tired of it why not replace it with another Jollibee favourite, the Garlic Pepper Beef. Both drenched with that gravy deliciousness

Sweet and Sour -> Igado

Sweet and Sour is a hard one especially when you love the sweet aspect of it. I guess the next best thing is Igado, it is slightly sweet thanks to the raisins but it is definitely sour.

Teriyaki -> Caramel Chicken

Want something sweet for baon but tired of the usual teriyaki, then try something sweet as well but with more oomph, with fish sauce, chillies and vinegar this is definitely tastier plus it lasts longer. Just make sure use boneless chicken parts.

Fried Rice -> Nasi Goreng

Fried Rice perhaps is the easiest food to baon, basically it’s a complete dish on its own and you just need a spoon, so we are replacing it with another fried rice, again with more ooomph, the Nasi Goreng.

Pork Barbecue -> Chicken Satay

Pinoy barbecue is hard to replace, everybody loves this but if you want to have another alternative, why not chicken satay both skewered but different taste.

Tocino -> Sticky Pork Chops

Unless you make your own tocino trust me they are not preservative free, and if you want to avoid that just prepare this Sticky Pork Chops, it uses honey as well so it’s better for you.

Tapa -> Crispy Tadyang ng Baka

Tapa is not the most tender beef cut so if you want a bit of struggle with your meat in which tapa can provide why not replace it with Crispy Tadyang ng Baka, both meaty, both salty and garlicky.

Pritong Baboy -> Vietnamese Style Grilled Lemongrass Pork

Why not turn your simple fried pork to something that shines like Vietnamese Style Grilled Lemongrass Pork which is full of flavour, sweet, sour, savoury, citrusy and aromatic

Longaniza -> Longaniza Dog

Longaniza with rice that’s so 80’s why not serve it like a hotdog in a soft bun with atchara, tomatoes and salted duck egg. It’s like longislog in a bun.

Chicken Sandwich -> Roast Chicken Pita Pocket

Another 80’s classic, the chicken sandwich. It looks dull and boring so why not put some lechon manok on your pita pocket and pack it with lettuce and onions, trust me you won’t go back to that sandwich anymore.

Egg Sandwich -> Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce, Egg and Cucumbers

Another boring sandwich this time with eggs. So if you like eggs that is creamy then ditch that sandwich and prepare this easy four ingredient wonder. Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce, Egg and Cucumbers, trust me the work well specially when it’s cold, so this one is good for those picnics in cold places like Baguio.

Tuna Sandwich -> Fried Fish Gua Bao

What another sandwich? Yes, Filipinos love sandwich for baon as they are really easy to consume. With you choosing tuna I assume you love fish so why not upgrade that sandwich with a Gua Bao and baon it with fried fish and condiments like carrots, spring onions, and your favourite sauces.

Siopao -> Taco Pao

Siopao, who does not love them, these soft fluffy buns are hard to replace so we are replacing is with something similar but more customizable to your liking, the Taco Pao. You have the flavours of asado but you can spice it up with pickled radish, cabbage, chillies and whatever you desire.

Empanada -> Baked Barbecue Pork Buns

Another easy one to pack and eat, empanada can be consumed where ever you are, walking, driving, lying down, working in front of your computer. etc, so we are replacing it with something you can easily grab as well, the Baked Barbecue Pork Buns, now tell me this is way much tastier.


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  1. Michelle says:

    I realized recently that I eat like a 7 year old at lunch in my office. Thanks for the inspiration!

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