Little Wolf (Auckland, New Zealand)

Guess what? I got another chance to review another catering company and this time its Little Wolf. I guess I am getting lucky with my choice of catering company because it just gets better and better. I did mentioned before that I will order again on some of the caterers that I tried but that did not happened yet as there are a lot of Auckland caterers that does an amazing job with their food, what did happen is I had influenced some of the departments in our company after they saw these wonderful dishes prepared for us.

This time is one of those days when we had a team breakfast catered for us. After searching online where I haven’t ordered yet I saw this company, LittleWolf and what caught my attention are their Éclair, Doughnut and Yorkshire Pudding, I never came across any other breakfast caterer in Auckland that offers the same thing so this is it.

Let’s start with the good ones and finishing with the best, if you notice I did not mention least favourite to the best because everything was great. Starting with the Croissants, filled with Ham off the Bone & Swiss Cheese (NZ$5.50), this is a no brainer its croissant with cheese, what could go wrong as long as your croissants are of good quality which it did.

Next was this Yorkshire Pudding Bare Roast Beef, Horseradish and Watercress (NZ$4.00), yes that is Yorkshire Pudding for breakfast, simple and tasty, the combination with Horseradish, Mayonnaise and Watercress bring out the flavour of Roast Beef, light, delish.

Then we have this Éclair, Coffee & Chocolate (NZ$4.75), this was amazingly good, the coffee taste on that cream filling blends well with the chocolates, it was a delight every bite, a perfect sweet breakfast treat.

Finally, the star of the show, it might look like a simple Doughnut filled Passionfruit & Cheesecake (NZ$4.75) but this honestly was the best donuts I tried in New Zealand. The dough was light and bouncy while the filling was perfectly thought of, creamy with tartness from that passionfruit, over all the taste was amazing not too sweet and you can certainly taste all of the main ingredients used.

As an addition although I haven’t tried them, I ordered some Gluten Free items, and based on my staff who had it, he said it was good. Not a lot of GF options for breakfast but at least they had. What I got was Gluten Free Mini Savoury Muffins (NZ$3.50), Gluten Free Mini Sweet Muffins (NZ$3.50) and Gluten Free Club Sandwich in sets of 3 fingers (NZ$11.50).

Overall this was one of the best ones I tried, delivery was on time, was delivered with a smile from one of their staff (I guess) not just a delivery or courier guy. Packaging looks good as well not as good as the Cater Station but next to it I suppose as most of the other catering companies either use real plates which they get the next day after, or they use unbranded boxes. If there is one thing I would change, it definitely is not how they make it but the size of the serving portions as it was smaller than most (it’s just me wanting more of the good stuff), apart from that it’s all perfect! Highly recommended.

Address: 20 Cain Rd, Unit S, Penrose, Auckland, New Zealand 1061
Phone: +649 571 0157


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