Top 43 Filipino Vegetable Recipes

The Soupy ones

Now if found the earlier list too dry then why not have it with soup, while most of this is good in winter, they are good on hot and humid days as well, remember this is made in the Philippines.

Suam na Mais 1

Suam na Mais – Chicken and corn soup the Filipino style

Misua (Sardines with Misua and Patola, Sardines and Upo Misua) – The food for the masses, just add sardines and misua to the vegetable of your choice.

Hototay 2

Hototay – This Filipino Chinese egg drop is made with mixed meats and vegetables, a true all-in-one meal

Copycat Kanin Club's Vegetarian Delight 2

Vegetarian Delight – The Filipinos take of Buddhas’ delight, equally as delicious

Gisadong Munggo with Chicharon 1

Munggo – The humble mung bean served with tinapa, chicharon, crispy pork or any way you like it.

Sinabawang Talbos ng Kamote 1

Sinabawang Talbos ng Kamote – The ultimate budget meal, all you need is water, some talbos, garlic and onion. And yes, we had this a lot when I was young, best of all of the ingredients come from our garden so it’s free.

Hope you enjoyed this Top 43 Filipino Vegetable Recipe list, if I missed some then let us know by commenting below.



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  1. jane says:

    wow.. its so delicious hoping for more dishes to come..

  2. klop says:

    hoping you can add the region/ area where these dishes originated :)

  3. Janice says:

    Great read! These are some fine choices of filipino recipes that I could try making at home during the quarantine.

  4. Monica says:

    Wonderful compendium. Grateful to be Pinoy and a lover of vegetables. This list will help me have better menu rotation at home. Thanks!

  5. it’s really delicious thank you

  6. botlda says:

    Dear sir!/madam.
    Such a wonderful article which I liked best and I am very happy to read this article.

  7. Dan says:

    A common one in the province I’m at (Kalinga) is to have dried white beans from the garden (I guess it could be any dried bean), which is then crushed and roasted to be brown… and then boiled. It’s eaten with rice, naturally.

  8. Jose P. Zafra III says:

    Dear Raymund,

    Thank you for the great job that you do in publishing online the “Top 43 Filipino Vegetable Ricepe”.

    I would like to ask for a PDF copy of this so that I could print it and give it to our cook for his guidance. My email is

    Thank you.

    Jose P. Zafra III

  9. This article is a great resource for anyone who wants to try Filipino vegetable dishes. The recipes are easy to follow and the pictures are tempting. I would recommend this article to anyone who wants to explore new and tasty vegetable-based recipes.

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