Top 43 Filipino Vegetable Recipes

Dry or Fry

Most of the dishes we already listed are all saucy or soupy so what about the fried stuff? Well yes you can fry vegetables and like any fried stuff, it is good!

Lumpiang Gulay 1

Lumpiang (Gulay, Togue) – The vegetable version of spring rolls and if you don’t like vegetables just soak it up with tons of spicy vinegar.

Rellenong (Talong, Ampalaya) – Stuffed is not just for chicken you can also stuff eggplants and bitter gourd.

Tortang Patatas 1

Tortang (Talong, Patatas) – Basically these are vegetable dishes coated with egg, it’s good for breakfast.

Pritong Talong (Pan Fried Asian Eggplants) 1

Pritong Talong – For me this is one of the best smelling food while is being pan fried, do you agree?



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