Top 43 Filipino Vegetable Recipes

The Coconut-nut is a giant nut

Dont believe me on that, coconut is not a nut, I just got this from a Smokey Mountain song popular during my time 🙂
Philippines is a tropical country and that means we have lots of coconuts which we widely use on our cuisine. This section features coconut uses as a sauce, soup or flavouring.

Lawot Lawot – The creamy version of dinengdeng

Porbidang Kangkong 1

Porbidang Kangkong – If the West has creamy spinach where have this but don’t be fooled by its looks this one is hot, I think that’s why it gets its name “Forbidden Kangkong”

Kulawong Talong – This dish is literally burnt to perfection

Ginataang (Kangkong, Sitaw, Kalabasa, Labong, Talong, Langka, Puso ng Saging) – If there is a ginisa version of the vegetables then there is also ginataan, where it is first sautéed then cooked in coconut cream.

Linubihang Munggo 1

Linubihang Munggo – If mung bean soup is not creamy enough for you then beef it up with coconut milk.



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