Top 43 Filipino Vegetable Recipes

Mish Mash

Defined as:
noun: mish-mash
a confused mixture.
synonyms: jumble, mess, confusion, hotchpotch, hodgepodge, ragbag, pastiche, patchwork, farrago, hash, assortment, medley, miscellany, mixture, melange, blend, variety, mixed bag, mix, diversity, collection, selection, assemblage, combination, motley collection, pot-pourri, conglomeration;

This category basically is an assortment of diverse vegetables cooked together to create a wonderful concoction. It can be a selection of at least two vegetables and as much as your heart’s desire.

Pinakbet 2

Pinakbet – Perhaps the most popular and most Filipino of this whole list, the Top 43 Filipino Vegetable Recipes would not be complete without this.  Basically a combination of different tropical vegetables cooked with a bit of pork or shrimps, mostly dry but some with a bit of sauce.

Dinengdeng 1

Laswa / Bulanglang / Law Uy / Utan / Linapwahan / Dinengdeng / Inabraw / Buridibud – Similar to the one above but this time it’s soupy. Most regions have their own version depending on the local produce of the province

Paksing Demonyu 1

Paksing Demonyu – It looks like pinakbet but it does not taste like it, perhaps for vegetable newbies this is the hardest one to swallow (literally), its sour, it’s hot and its very bitter, it does not sound palatable at all. You will need an acquired taste for this one

Menudong Nagcarlan – This Filipino Vegetable Recipe might not be popular and the name might confuse a lot.  It is not anywhere near the menudo you know of, first it’s not red, it uses chayote and protein used is beef tripe.

Chopsuey 1

Chopseuy / Creamy Chopseuy / Beef Chopseuy – This is the Filipino’s take on the Chinese stir fried vegetables

Dinoydoy 1

Dinoydoy – Literally a mish mash of bitter gourd and squash. It’s a roller coaster of flavour and texture, its mushy and crunchy, then its sweet, savoury and bitter.

Sipo Egg (Mixed Vegetables with Shrimps and Quail Eggs) 1

Sipo Egg – Cubed vegetables with prawns and quail eggs.

Lumpiang Sariwa

Lumpiang Sariwa – Mix of raw or blanched vegetables, wrapped in crepe and served with peanut sauce.

Lumpiang Hubad

Lumpiang Hubad – Similar to the above but served without the wrap



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  1. jane says:

    wow.. its so delicious hoping for more dishes to come..

  2. klop says:

    hoping you can add the region/ area where these dishes originated :)

  3. Janice says:

    Great read! These are some fine choices of filipino recipes that I could try making at home during the quarantine.

  4. Monica says:

    Wonderful compendium. Grateful to be Pinoy and a lover of vegetables. This list will help me have better menu rotation at home. Thanks!

  5. it’s really delicious thank you

  6. botlda says:

    Dear sir!/madam.
    Such a wonderful article which I liked best and I am very happy to read this article.

  7. Dan says:

    A common one in the province I’m at (Kalinga) is to have dried white beans from the garden (I guess it could be any dried bean), which is then crushed and roasted to be brown… and then boiled. It’s eaten with rice, naturally.

  8. Jose P. Zafra III says:

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    Thank you for the great job that you do in publishing online the “Top 43 Filipino Vegetable Ricepe”.

    I would like to ask for a PDF copy of this so that I could print it and give it to our cook for his guidance. My email is

    Thank you.

    Jose P. Zafra III

  9. This article is a great resource for anyone who wants to try Filipino vegetable dishes. The recipes are easy to follow and the pictures are tempting. I would recommend this article to anyone who wants to explore new and tasty vegetable-based recipes.

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