Eden Noodles (North Shore City, New Zealand)

I bet most Aucklanders would have heard of Eden Noodles, a very popular Dandan noodle joint in Dominion Road, known for its authentic Chinese taste, so popular it’s hard to get a seat when dining in there, luckily if you don’t want the long wait they have opened a new location in Corinthian Drive in North Shore and its less busy. A lot of people rave about this place and I had tried them a couple of times but since the seats are hard to come by in Dominion road, we just grabbed some takeaway food on both occasions. I love their dumplings, very spicy and numbing but still very tasty, the chillies does not ruin the flavour of the dish, it was delish that is why I told myself when I go back here, I will bring my friends.

Many months later the Albany Branch opened, which is good as its near my place and it will be less busy. I came a here a bit too late, but better than never, this time with friends but we have one problem, a lot of them does not like spicy food, let’s see how would that work.

I never had ordered non-spicy things in here and this is the first time, luckily most of their menu items offer it in a non-spicy flavour so you will still enjoy the taste of their noodles and dumplings sans the burning sensation. I love that sensation as they did it really well in their dishes but will it have the same satisfaction for those who does not love spicy food?

We ordered several things starting from their famous Noodles in soup with Dandan sauce (crispy pork mince on top) (NZ$10.00 Medium) we grabbed the normal thin noodles in both hot and not hot.

Then we grabbed a couple of wontons, first was this Dry Wonton in spicy sauce (NZ$10.00 Medium)

and the other one was this Wonton in spicy soup (NZ$10.00 Medium) both in mild spice.

We also had a couple of rice dishes, first was the Braised Beef Slice on Rice (NZ$14.00)

and another one in the form of Braised Pork Slice on Rice (NZ$14.00)

They also offer the Braised beef in noodle form so we grabbed Noodles with Braised Beef slice in Soup (NZ$11.00 Medium) as well

And to try their Kumara Noodles we ordered some Dry Kumara Noodle with Chicken Shreds (NZ$10.00 Medium)

So, what’s the verdict? For the hot and spicy lovers, definitely the hot version of their dish is definitely a pleaser. For the non hot and spicy lover the non hot versions were great as well. What did not work are the mild ones, for me it was less exciting and for the non hot and spicy lover, it was hot. So, what I suggest is that if you like the hot stuff go for it, nothing in the middle, if you don’t the hot stuff stay away from it and order the non-spicy ones. I really loved the spicy ones, noodles and dumplings are really flavourful.

Serving was extremely fast and the dumplings and noodles was freshly prepared. Ordering on the other hand was quite horrible as the place is quite small, the line sorts of blocks the middle walkway of the restaurant. I love the place, well decorated and was clean.

I will certainly go back here specially if I am craving for something really spicy, it’s that place that will sort you out.

Eden Noodles Cafe Albany
Address: Shop 3, 14 Corinthian Drive, Albany, New Zealand
Phone: +649 869-4347

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