Hamish Stewart Catering (Auckland, New Zealand)

I’m quite new in this catering thing, I think I had tried six different companies as of this date and still discovering a lot of things. So far most of what I tried were amazing, delivering great delicious and tasty treats for my team. This time we are reviewing this company, Hamish Stewart Catering.

How I choose these catering companies is just by solely relying in Google and the menu they offer, so it can be quite risky as I don’t know how would it turn up. But like I said I am still lucky at this stage as most of them exceeded my expectations but how about our feature today?

Hamish Stewart Catering all sort of catering options, lunch, dinner, canapes, buffet, etc, but like before we are interested in breakfast where they have some good options from different savouries like: Bacon & egg pie, Breakfast burrito, savoury muffins, Potato rosti, savoury tarts, frittata, Cheese scones and breakfast quesadilla. For the sweet tooth they have some sweet muffins, Danish selection, French toast, House made granola, pudding, waffles and fruit skewers.

I chose two savouries and two sweet items which was the Breakfast quesadilla; Chorizo & spicy bean tortilla tart; French toast filled with pancetta, banana & maple and Chocolate waffles & vanilla dipping cream. Each item costs NZ$4.25 which basically equates to NZ$17.00 per person. This was cheaper than most I tried but how was the food.

Let’s start with the Breakfast quesadilla, this was good, cheesy and the bread was soft and moist, a bit thicker than the usual quesadilla tortilla but I like it. It came in really warm.

Chorizo & spicy bean tortilla tart was good as well. Mildly spicy, can’t taste much of the beans but I don’t care as long as I can taste that chorizo chunks. It’s more like a mini quiche.

Next one is Chocolate waffles & vanilla dipping cream, nice rich cocoa taste, definitely there was a good amount of cocoa used in this. Its sweet bitter taste goes well with the dipping cream.

Finally, the French toast filled with pancetta, banana & maple. This one was very odd, I think the combination did not work at least for me. The texture of that banana on a toast is quite weird and I did not taste any pancetta at all, I love the idea but execution was not quite there yet, perhaps bacon, maple and cheese might work but not bananas.

Overall apart from the French toast it was good, they came right on time, all dishes came in really warm, food were tasty and the serving sizes are large. Will I order here again? why not as long as it’s not that French toast I will be happy.

Hamish Stewart Catering
Address: 563 Manukau Rd, Epsom, Auckland 1023, New Zealand
Phone: +649 218 9885
Website: http://www.hscatering.co.nz


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