The Postmans Leg (North Shore City, New Zealand)

We have been here before but never had reviewed it since the photos I got was so blurry, it was those times when phone cameras are not yet as developed as today. Now with most of my reviews I only use my phone as my DSLR is quite bulky and very intrusive when you take over head shots of food, they take good shots when there is ample lighting but still manages it even with low light. Enough with the phone talk, let’s go back to this place, the Postman’s Leg.

The Postman’s Leg is located in Downing Street, Glenfield on a very quiet corner away from the hustle and bustle of the commercial premises but still easy to access as it is quite Central. I love where it is located, it’s near the mall and the leisure centre but still maintains its tranquil spot which makes it good for the family. The premises have a lot of open space for kids, complete with playground, trampoline, sand pit and a mini stage for those outdoor performers. Outside feels like your deck at home, very accommodating and feels like you just want to chill out for a long time and let the time pass by. Inside looks like your usual bar where you have your bar stand, pool tables and ample seating. We chose to sit inside at this time since most of the friend who were with us are Asian, and Asians hate the sun (not me). The last time we dined in here was dinner, now it was lunch and it was sunny outside.

When we had a dinner here before it was quite different as we ordered plated mains, this time we ordered mostly bar food and we love them. First was this Fish and Chips (NZ$20.50), served with some slaw and tartare sauce, this was well made. Light and airy crispy batter and very juicy fish, what’s even better is not too fishy

We also grabbed several Big Slab 24″ Pizza’s (NZ$49.9) in mixed flavours. First was this Hawaiian and Surf & Turf Combo, Hawaiian is topped with ham and pineapples while the Surf & Turf with prawns, bacon, salsa verde and lemon zest.

Another combo is Butcher and Surf & Turf, where the butcher is topped with ham, beef, sausage, pepperoni, chilli flakes and BBQ sauce. Pizzas were amazing, not Italian style but it was really good, chewy bready in a great way and very tasty, it was not dry and not too soggy, just the right amount to toppings and it goes really well with beer!

Then we had these hot wings (NZ$14.90) which was a stunner, crispy fried chicken wings served with celery, hot sauce and ranch dressing. Feels like a deconstructed Buffalo Chicken!

Nachos was next, chillies, tomatoes, cucumber, onions, cheese sauce and sour cream, another simple yet comforting bar food.

We also grabbed some healthy options in the form of Caesar Salad (NZ$18.50), served with croutons, anchovies, poached egg, bacon, cos lettuce and shaved parmesan. Poached egg is new to me on this salad, bacon was generous, it was quite hefty for a salad which is a meal on its own.

Good times, food was great, way much better than another bar food that I tried. Place is quite spacious plus there are some activities to do specially for kids so you’re not just stuck in the table if you wanted to roam around. Overall, we loved it, will definitely go back here for another round

The Postman’s Leg
Address: 43-51 Downing Street, Glenfield, Auckland 0629, New Zealand
Phone: +649 444 7325

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