The Bombay Cricketers Club (Kingscliff, NSW, Australia)

Salt Beach, when I first visited this place, I never thought I will be back again, I was wrong, I came back. Not that there is nothing wrong with this place, it’s totally fine, in fact it is a nice place but it was too far from Gold Coast I never would have thought of going back here. Last time I was here was late 2014 and since then this place changed a lot, even a couple of the restaurants I tried before was already replaced by something else.

Like last time I was here for a conference, same thing at this time, it was again a conference. We came down a night early so we have fresh minds the next day, we were initially planning to have dinner at Brisbane or anything along the way as we don’t know if any of the restaurants here will be open late at night, but most of us were not hungry after a nice meal in the plane so I kept on driving until someone suggests to eat. Little that we know we already arrived, so even before check-in in to our hotel we just had a look around as see what restaurants were still open.

Right in front of the place I parked the car was this The Bombay Cricketers Club, an Indian restaurant that looked really good, tons of people were dining in when we passed by. We continued on walking but did not find anything that fancies us so we decided to go for it, curry for dinner it is.

There were two sections at this place divided by the hallway of the Salt Village, no one seems to dine in on the inner section but the outer side was quite full, both sections are lighted differently inner is bright and outer was dim, more of a romantic style setting. We chose the outer side as it was quite cosy in there.

After being seated we were given the menus and some water. At this stage we were quite hungry as it was quite late at night and after that flight we are all tired as well, so it did not take us time to choose what we want and basically just get a vegetable and three kind of meat curries but to start we grabbed some Tangy Crunchy Poppadums served with two house made dips (AU$6.00), a tasty and light starter, a good thing to have before the hefty curries we ordered.

First curry was this Braised Lamb Rogan Josh (AU$34.00) a slowly cooked North Rivers Lamb in a rich, dark & medium spicy rogan josh curry with pickled eggplant, fermented chillies.

Then we also had a Goan Fish Curry (AU$34.00), prepared with firm fresh white local catch in a mild signature curry served with green beans, crispy zucchini and curry leaves.

And as Kiwi we need to have some Bombay’s Traditional Butter Chicken (AU$28.00) made with organic chargrilled chicken in a traditional rich deep mild medium makhani sauce with smoked local tomatoes, saffron yoghurt and coriander.

For the last curry it was the Red Lentil Dhansak (UA$26.00), an Iranian lentil mild medium curry prepared with root vegetables, braised tomatoes and toasted macadamia.

Rice are ordered separately and curries do not include them so we got some Fragrant saffron basmati rice (AU$8.00).

The dishes were surprisingly good, not very spicy and for me who have a high tolerance with heat most of them were mild compared to the real Indian dishes, though having said that it was very tasty and I liked it, everything was perfectly seasoned. What I liked most of all was the fish curry, it is heaven on a plate, the fish was not overcooked and very juicy, I really love it.

The place was awesome, the staff were fantastic, overall, I was highly satisfied.

Bombay Cricketers Club
Address: Shop No 3/49-61 Bells Blvd, Kingscliff NSW 2487, Australia
Phone: +61 2 6674 1033

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