Top 67 Filipino Lent Recipes

Bites and Sides

Bites – Bite sized wonders usually pan fried or deep fried, you can snack on it or make it a full meal.

Crispy Tahong 1

Crispy Tahong – Crispy bite sized deep fried coated mussels.

Lumpiang Gulay 1

Lumpiang Gulay – Spring rolls filled with chopped vegetables

Lumpiang Sariwa

Lumpiang Sariwa – Fresh spring rolls if directly translated, basically it’s a crepe filled with crunchy half cooked or raw vegetables

Lumpiang Togue – Bean sprout spring roll, if you are not fond of bean sprouts just drown it with vinegar, trust me it would taste amazing than you imaging

Mussel Fritters – Amazingly delicious, chopped steamed mussels with zucchini, pan fried to perfection

Nilasing Na Hipon

Nilasing na Hipon – Drunken shrimp, marinated in liquor like gin, brandy, whiskey, beer or wine then deep fried

Popcorn Shrimp 1

Popcorn Shrimp – Deep fried shelled shrimps, and yes it does not taste like chicken.

Surimi and Sweet Potato Cakes 1

Surimi and Sweet Potato Cakes – Fake crab meat with sweet potatoes pan fried into patties

Ukoy (Shrimp Fritters)

Ukoy – And if you a have extra budget upgrade that surimi with prawns and sweet potatoes with squash



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