Top 67 Filipino Lent Recipes


Salads – Most of the salads here are not your typical Western style salads where you can eat it on its own, these are meant to be paired with another dish and rice. Usually best with grilled fish.

Ensadalang Inihaw na Talong 1

Ensadalang Inihaw na Talong – Grilled Eggplants lightly mashed then topped with tomatoes and onions infused with bagoong

Ensaladang Labanos with Alamang 1

Ensaladang Labanos – Thinly sliced daikon radish, tomato and red onions served on vinegar bagoong dressing.

Ensaladang Lato – Sea grapes, bagoong and onions

Ensaladang Mangga 2

Ensaladang Mangga – Mangoes, onions and bagoong

Warm Okra and Tomato Salad

Ensaladang Okra – Boiled okra and still with bagoong

Ensaladang Talong 1

Ensaladang Talong – Chopped grilled eggplant and yes again still with bagoong

Ensaladang Filipino 1

Ensaladang Filipino – A combination of almost all of the above



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