Top 67 Filipino Lent Recipes


Soup – For those who have hard time eating without soup (like me) then this is for you. Most of the heart-warming vegetable and seafood dishes will be on this list.


Bulanglang – The soupy version of pinakbet where it is cooked with rice wash

Buridibud 1

Buridibud – Soupy vegetable dish with a sweet twist, thanks to those sweet potatoes

Gisadong Munggo with Chicharon 1

Gisadong Munggo – Mung beans not cooked in coconut milk

Laswa (Tropical Vegetable and Prawn Soup) 1

Laswa – Another soupy vegetable dish but the Visayan version

Lawot Lawot – Yet another soupy vegetable dish but this time using coconut milk

Linagpang na Bangus 1

Linagpang na Bangus – Grill the fish first then add water, and tomatoes, and onions, and fish sauce ….

Linapwahan – Similar to Laswa but the vegetables in this dish is much harder to find like moringa, drumsticks, green papaya, jute leaves and Malabar spinach to name some

Linubihang Munggo 1

Linubihang Munggo – Almost similar to Ginataang munggo but this one has tomatoes and dried anchovies.

Sardines with Misua 1

Sardines Misua or with Patola – Budget conscious, then this is the cheapest one you can prepare, made with sardines, water and misua, and if you can extend your budget a bit more, add some

Sinigang na Bangus sa Miso 1

Sinigang (Bangus sa Miso, Hipon, Isda, Salmon Belly at Hipon, Ulo, Ulo at Pinya) – Any fish or shrimp cooked in a sour broth made with tamarind with vegetables or fruits added.



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