Top 67 Filipino Lent Recipes

I know some of you are looking for recipes on what to serve during the Lenten period, I had that issue during the days I was not blogging yet. I know it’s quite hard to think of these when you are so used to preparing your usual Adobo, Sinigang, Nilaga, Afritada or Kaldereta as Lenten period only happens once in a year, and if you are so used to meat then planning for a vegetable or a seafood fish needs a lot of thought.

What I have done today is compiled a list of all dishes you can prepare for the next 40 days, there are 67 recipes on this list that you can pick and choose to your heart’s desire. What’s even better is that these are great dishes that even meat lovers would easily like, trust me I am one and I love these recipes.

I separated them into sections so you can go directly to the category you like, but if you like all please feel free to browse them all. Some of my recipes linked in this article might contain meats like pork, if that is the case just remove the meat from the recipe and it will still taste good.



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