Ribs and Burgers (Sydney, Australia)

It was a relaxed day in Sydney after our conference so we decided to look for a spot near the Harbour Bridge and found this place called Ribs and Burger. We then agreed to stay here for a while and chill out before our next adventure which is to just cruise around the harbour. It’s quite a big place which I think gets busy during the lunch hours but it was way past that time when we paid this place a visit so we don’t know but basing on the number of seats available and its location I bet I would fill up on peak times.

It is a burger place but it is one of those good ones, I live in New Zealand and burgers there trust me are the best in the world, I travelled more than 30 countries now and still New Zealand have the best ones, so hopefully you trust me if I say a burger is good, like this place. Ribs and Burgers like most New Zealand burgers use good quality ingredients, like good quality Angus beef which are grass fed, hand prepared and hormone free; and you can see the difference once you took a bite. That is why we tried one of their Wagyu Big Cheese 200g (AU$15.90) which is served with Vintage cheddar, pickles, caramelised onions, mustard, BBQ & Aunty Joan’s pink sauce, by default it was cooked medium for maximum juiciness and tenderness.

Then for a change we gave the Crispy Chicken Burger (AU$12.90) a try, basically a free range Crispy fried chicken breasts served with tomato, onion, slaw, house mayo and BBQ sauce. This was also good but honestly the beef burger was amazing I would definitely prefer that.

We enjoyed our burgers with their Famous Chips (AU$6.90) which again is as par as New Zealand amazing potato chips. Thick cut, just enough for a good bit, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the insides. It is then served by your dip of choice like Chilli Mayo, Aioli, Ranch, Chilli Sauce and/or Blue Cheese Ranch (AU$2.00 each).

Another specialty here is their thick shake and trust me it is so heavenly! it’s like melted ice cream more than a thick shake, sweet, tasty, cold a perfect way to end that good burger. We ordered the Salted Caramel Thick shake (AU$8.50) and all I want to do is to sip that all day.

It was good that we stayed in here, now we got introduced to a good burger place which is quite hard to find nowadays, most of them are pretentious, they just serve you with something exorbitantly priced to gain popularity and/or looks fantastic, majestic and massive which looks good for Instagram but is either sloppy, does not taste good or using 5#!t ingredients. I love this place, they serve honest to goodness straight forward burgers, simple and delicious plus you get the bonus of a very chill location with good views and great staff.

Ribs & Burgers
Address: 88 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Phone: +61 2 9251 4488
Website: http://ribsandburgers.com

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