Heaven Scent Food Co (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

We’ve been doing a lot of catering lately and I love it due to its convenience especially when you are moving a big team around, so instead of having team breakfasts out of the office we started bringing it in the premises. The recent ones we tried was this Heaven Scent Food Co in Auckland, this was my first option before we started catering but haven’t tried then until now. What made me choose them before is that they offer this Pulled Pork Bao Buns for breakfast and as an Asian that makes my inner self jump for joy. Like I said it was my first option but that did not happen due to my late notice, I think they need at least 2 days in advance and they did not get my message early enough to have that order placed, but that’s all good this time around I made sure I gave ample time for my orders for go through.

These guys cater for any occasion both on or off-site they even tailor for events and personal needs. They can serve Morning & Afternoon Tea Shouts, Breakfast and Lunches. From Cubanos, Pies, Crumpets and Platters they have it and their menu have a good selection of items. What’s even better is that the food they serve are guaranteed using best ingredients, as indicated on their site they use organic milk & coffee, organic breads & free range eggs; chicken is 100% free range; beef is 100% grass fed pure angus; pork is ethically farmed and 100% preservative and chemical free; they only use Himalayan mineral salt & use no white sugars; they use organic produce where possible and all of their takeaway packaging is biodegradable. Now how good is that?

Like as mentioned they have a great selection of dishes and for our team breakfast what I ordered was Pulled Pork Bao Buns (NZ $5.50), Mini Croque Monsieur (NZ $5.50), Mini Sweet Muffins (NZ $2.50) and Acai Pot Mini (NZ $6.00). As I exactly thought those pork buns was amazing! and if I have to convince you to cater at this place this is one great convincing factor, it’s what your breakfast dreams are made of. Soft fluffy white sweet steamed buns filled with sweet savoury melt in your mouth pulled pork accented by creamy Asian slaw, NOM NOM NOM!

The Muffins were great as well, it was filled with chocolatey goodness. The Mini Croque Monsieur was not in any way mini, it was full sized and filled with generous slices of ham and melted cheese, this was good for lunch. Finally, the acai pot was not shabby either, perfect ending to a breakfast, fruity sour cold pot of goodness that is a good palate cleanser as well.

We will definitely order from these guys again, will definitely retain the pork bun but will give other menu items a shot, like their heavenly pies where you have the following flavour options like port wine beef & blue cheese; braised pork belly with Shaoxing wine gravy; coconut chicken & cashew; lamb shank & lentil and Greek style spinach spanakopita with four cheese. Their sausage rolls also sounds like a great idea as well as their half Cubanos, mmmm.

Well enough of the day dreaming, till next time! And if you are in Auckland give these guys a shot, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

HeavenScent Food Co
Address: St Patricks Square, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand
Phone: +649 354 4440
Website: http://www.heavenscentfoodco.co.nz/


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