Sarap Buffet (New Lynn, New Zealand)

Guess what? There is another Filipino restaurant in Auckland this time it is named similarly to this blog, located in New Lynn this Filipino restaurant is a buffet restaurant as well and they charge only NZ$24.90, and that is cheap in New Zealand standards of buffet, so does this price reflect with the quality of food they serve? Let’s find out.

We got invited here by some of our friends, they haven’t tried it as well and was curious on how they compare with other Filipino restaurants here in Auckland. At first, I was impressed in the location, it is in a nice building that does not even look like a restaurant from a far, with plenty of parking space at the back of the building you would not fight for a space when you dine in here. The restaurant is quite huge, ample seating space and the buffet area is quite spacious. There are many food options on offer mostly Filipino but there are also non-Filipino options like fish and chips, Pork Ribs, satay, pasta, pizza, fried chicken cutlets, chowder, salads, etc.

Filipino foods on offer during our visit was pancit, pinakbet, bulalo, sinigang, kare kare, chicken adobo, dinuguan, sisig, Bicol Express, kilawin and bistek to name some. Halo halo was on offer as well but with an additional NZ$2.00 if I can remember correctly, there are also several dessert options like leche flan, ube and pastries.

So how was the food? Let’s start with the non-Filipino dishes. Most of them were OK specially the fried ones, you can’t go wrong on these. Pizza was good but it is not the Italian style ones, still tasty like the Greenwich style ones back in the Philippines, ribs were good as well, sweet and well-seasoned, and fish and chips were freshly made. Now with the Filipino foods, this is where my expectations fall behind, I was expecting authentic made Filipino dishes but most of them were watered down versions of Filipino dishes, everything was soupy and bland like the bulalo, sinigang even the kare kare, chicken adobo and Bicol express, they lack the some of the key ingredients and mostly consists of small meat pieces in a very soupy sauce with a slight flavour of the dish it represents. I was justifying the reason behind this as it will be quite unacceptable to most Filipinos who can prepare the proper meal at home. Is it the price or is this flavour more suited for non-Filipinos? Filipino dishes can be strong and tasty so it can be a shock to those who haven’t tried Filipino food, we don’t know. But it can be one of the reasons as most of the diners here we not Filipinos.

Desserts were bland as well and some does not even taste like the real ones like the ube halaya and leche flan. Halo Halo was OK, was refreshing but again like most Filipino dishes here, key ingredients that made it good was lacking or even non-existent.

Would I recommend this, well it is a big question mark, for Filipinos, I guess a lot of Filipino Kiwis can cook better at home but if you are non-Filipino well you might like it, like those diners we saw during our visit, it can be a great starter for you on Filipino dishes as it is not a straight on your face flavourful dish like the authentic ones, then you can slightly build up then try some better Filipino restaurants out there like Ensalada Cafe, Home Cooked or Boracay Garden. And if you are in a budget, yes that NZ$ 25.00 can definitely fill you up at this place.

Sarap Buffet Restaurant
Address: 3055 Great North Rd, New Lynn, Auckland 0600, New Zealand
Phone: +649 826 0642

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  1. suituapui says:

    I would love the check this place up! No Filipino place here but we do have the crispy pata at some restaurants in town.

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