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I have used Virgin Australia many times already but this was the first time I used them where I was served with a proper meal mainly because I use them only on Trans-Tasman flights and this time it was a long haul. While it’s not my choice for a long-haul flight I had no choice since there were no flights on the other airline, I prefer on the dates I want plus Virgin Australia is way much cheaper compared to the other airlines that were available.

My first time with Virgin was with Virgin America or Virgin Atlantic can’t really remember but it was in 2009 and it was maiden voyage from Sydney to Los Angeles, that flight was amazing, new plane and the service was good, it was so great I remembered how it was many years after. Fast Forward to today during the last 4 years I had used them from business trips from NZ to AU and it was not comparable to that flight I had to LA, even though they are different brands I was expecting the same as they are from same company, I might even be wrong, it might be Virgin Australia that we used on that LA flight.

Anyways were not here for the Trans-Tasman flight but the flight we took from Bali to Brisbane, it was unexpected as I was preparing for the worst. It was actually food and we got served with food, I even remember telling my wife that we have to eat in Bali before boarding otherwise we might get hungry. It was the opposite, we got served with two meals and a selection of wine.

First meal was dinner and I grabbed some Chicken Gnocchi in Pesto Cream Sauce served with vegetables. It comes with the usual bread and butter, salad, crackers and chocolate slice dessert. It was a nice tasty and light dinner which is accompanied by any wine of my choice, where I grabbed some Cabernet – Merlot called the Riddle, now as good as what they serve in Air New Zealand but at least they gave me a whole mini bottle, rich flavour hints of blackcurrant and a bit peppery, it’s an easy to drink for a Cabernet – Merlot.

After dinner, it was bed time and I had a good sleep on this ride, so I don’t need to watch something to kill off time. I woke up once in a while but due to tiredness I was sleep on most of it.

Morning this came and never expected to have a breakfast served but they did, where they served Chicken Sausage with scrambled eggs, it came with wilted spinach, roasted potatoes, croissant, yoghurt and fresh fruits. It was OK, scrambled eggs were more like a muffin. I used the butter to put on my spinach and potatoes together with salt to give it more flavour. Trust me this airline hack is good for flavourless dishes on board, so if you can request for extra butter, it will be a meal saver.

Overall, I liked our experience this time, hopefully they do the same service for Trans-Tasman trips specially when your ride does not entertainment units at least give them a nice meal.


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  1. I’m glad it was tasty. I’ve never flown Virgin. I expected it to look fancier, like served on actual plates.

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