Wantilan Waterbom Bali (Bali, Indonesia)

Some people when they visit a place overseas they review the location for me what I review is the food that we had tried on that place, while I say a bit something about the place what’s more important is that I can share to you the culinary experience on my travels, one of those examples is this amazing waterpark in Bali called Waterbom. Waterbom is probably the best waterparks I had tried, from location, rides, the environment, nothing will beat this place, totally a different beast compared to the big commercial theme parks plus this has fewer queues and is designed really well, they put nature in first so you see a lot of greenery everywhere, environment friendly and carbon neutral.

Waterbom is a popular waterpark in Bali where there are numerous rides for all ages but like most theme parks, they also had restaurants and a food court, they also have s swim up bar. Now let’s talk about food, unlike any theme park they take pride as well on their offerings hence they have several places that serve food from different cuisines, like the Bali Banana where its popular with their 48 hour leavened pizza and extensive range of sandwich; The Shack basically a Caribbean inspired beach shack which serves juicy burgers and pork belly Bahn mie baguettes; The Pool Bar where you can soak while you drink; Thai Italian a wonderful combination of Italian and Thai cuisine in one roof; and the Food Court Wantilan, which serves extensive cuisine varieties like Italian, Mexican, Japanese and Indonesian, Complimented by Western classics and Healthy salads.

We chose the latter, since we are in Indonesia, it’s the best place to eat Indonesian food but mind you we sneaked in some chips in there.

Let’s start with the Soto Ayam (IDR 65000), an Indonesian style chicken rice noodle soup served with sambal, eggs and condiments, accompanied with rice and some crackers. A really good dish to have especially when you start to get dizzy because of the twisty fast slides, it was a relief after I ordered them. Good fresh taste, and that rice is a good way to fill you up.

We also had this Nasi Kuning Manado (IDR 75000), a dish of yellow rice steamed in coconut milk and turmeric with a selection of Rijstafel dishes, a Dutch style medley of dishes from all over the Indonesian islands. What’s on the plate were 8 items, like Sayur lodeh – a Vegetable stew in coconut milk; Semur daging – a stew of beef braised in sweet soy sauce; Chicken Satay; Serundeng – a dish of Peanuts with sautéed shredded coconut; Krupuk – shrimp crackers; Nasi kuning – Indonesian yellow rice; Telur Balado – Deep Fried Boiled Eggs in Spicy Sauce; and Cooked Gado-gado – Mixed vegetable with tempeh on peanut sauce. Rijstafel is usually served during feasts and indeed this looks like a feast to me, a lot of varieties on one plate, a good way to taste several of what Balinese cuisine has to offer.

And for the one we sneaked we grabbed some Chicken Nuggets (IDR 70000) and fries. And for a hot day a good way to down all of that food is an ice-cold Coke.

I think the food was great specially if you compare it with other team parks, it feels like you are dining in on a proper restaurant. It was not busy at all and there are ample seats and tables to choose from, plus in a green place the breeze under the umbrellas was so relaxing.

So, if you are visiting this place, remember it’s not your regular theme park food, it is way much better than that.

Wantilan – Waterbom Bali
Address: Jl. Kartika Plaza Tuban, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Phone: +62 361 755676
Website: https://www.waterbom-bali.com/

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  1. Anonymous says:

    HELLO! I plan to visit waterbom, can you use money to buy foods inside? or do you have to covert your money to credit to buy foods?

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