Warung Padmasari (Bali, Indonesia)

We read a lot of good reviews on this place hence this was one of the places we added into our list of places to eat, located just few metres off the famous Jalan Legian, this place is quite easy to find plus it’s on the less busy part of Bali so if you want a quiet dinner then this is the place.

It was quite a walk from our hotel but there are a lot to see along the way, so if you are checked in somewhere in Kuta then have some comfortable shoes. It’s not too far but it’s not near either so you will have a good exercise which is good so we can offset it with food from this amazing place.

After 30 minutes of walk we arrived, luckily there are seats available and we chose to be seated outside as it was so humid sometimes in Bali. Quite thirsty we grabbed some fresh young coconuts (IDR 20000) to quench our thirst. It was ages since we had a legit fresh coconut as the ones, we have in New Zealand is imported and does not taste as good as it was fresh.

We then had a read through of their menu which is not too confusing, seven items on the special menu, nine on the snacks and twenty-six on regular menu. Not too much compared to some Chinese menu plus we tried most of the things they offer, like the usual Nasi Goreng, Mee Goreng, Rendang, etc. Hence, we grabbed something that we haven’t tried yet on our stay in Bali.

Starting with Lumpia Goreng / 4 pcs (IDR 23000), an Indonesian style crispy fried spring roll filled with chicken and vegetable. Good clean taste, a perfect starter to begin our meal.

We also grabbed some Samosa Ayam ————- / 4 pcs (IDR 23000), a Warung Padmasari’s version of Chicken Samosa filled with chicken, vegetable and spices. It was a different Samosa compared to what we got used to and like the Lumpia, it was good. It was stuffed with lots of things, definitely a mouthful per bite, unlike most Samosa’s which are stuffed with few bits of meat and lots of pastry, this one was the opposite. It was tasty, crispy, and moist inside, one of this is definitely filling, the size was quite huge.

I also remembered one of the Grab drivers recommended us to try Ayam Betutu, was looking for it in most restaurants we ate and luckily, they have it here. Nasi Ayam Betutu / Spicy (IDR 54000), a set of 1/4 traditional Balinese spiced Betutu Chicken, with 1/2 boiled egg, urap and sambal served with rice. Betutu is a chicken or duck dish prepared with a certain spice mixture called bumbu which consist of shallots, garlic, turmeric, ginger, wild ginger, galangal, candle nuts, chili peppers, terasi, and peanuts where it is ground into a paste then sautéed with coconut oil. It was definitely flavourful, tasty and with a nice spice on it, it was worth the recommendation.

Although it was humid in Bali, we can’t resist a good soup hence we also grabbed some Pangsit Kuah (IDR 32000), another Warung Padmasari’s version of Chicken Wonton Soup served with Bakso and rice, again another tasty treat.

Another great dinner and again in a typical Bali fashion it was so affordable. Service was good and food was even better, though it is called a Warung it’s a different ambiance compared to other, place was well done and very clean. Definitely one of those places that we will visit again when we have another chance to have a vacation in Bali.

Warung Padmasari
Address: Jalan Padma No.14, Legian, Kuta, Legian, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Phone: +62 812-3610-9808

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  1. suituapui says:

    Can’t say I would get excited by your picks though I do love Indonesian – we have one very good one here and we do frequent it a lot!

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