Uma Pakel (Bali, Indonesia)

If you want to try different Indonesian coffee, Indonesian Teas, Bali Swing, Bali Nest and see how Luwak coffee is processed then this is your one stop shop and best of all, most of the tasting and attractions are all free, apart from the Swing (IDR 200000) and Luwak tasting (IDR 50000). In Bali you will see many swings and nests but they are scattered everywhere, in Uma Pakel it’s all in one convenient location.

This is quite hard to find specially if you are looking for Bali swing because like I said its everywhere, luckily our great driver suggested this to us otherwise we would have missed it. On arrival you will be assigned a tour guide where he will show you around the property, starting from a small walkthrough of how coffee Luwak is processed.

In this area they will show you the civets responsible for the coffee bean fermentation, how it is processed then manually roasted and even touch the different type of beans.

After a short introduction on Luwak then we headed off to the nests where we took tons of pictures, one from the bowl like nest and another from the hanging style nest. Then we headed over the swing where you have a choice of three different swings.

The tour guide then seated us in a section of the property overlooking at some of the attractions, then he served our coffee and tea tasting platter with some sweet potato chips on the side, he then left but before he did, we gave him some tip as they don’t ask any sort of payment. There were 14 different drinks, if I can remember correctly there are 7 coffee and 7 tea variations, what I can’t remember though are the flavours but most of the tea were the fruity variants which tasted really amazing. Coffee was great as well, varying strengths and complexity.

After the tasting we strolled around the place, there are many photo opportunities, like the Tegallalang Rice Terraces and the lookout deck. Then as we leave the premise there is a shop at the end so you can have a change to buy what you have tasted, all in different sizes and flavours it’s up to you if you want to grab something for home.

We loved our experience here, the tour guide was amazing and until now I still can’t believe most of what’s in the property are free of charge, even the tasting. I certainly recommend this place if you ever visit Bali, like I said it’s a one stop shop for the most Balinese things you can do. And did I say the coffee was great.

Uma Pakel Agro Tourism
Address: Jalan Raya Tegallalang, Tegalalang 80561, Indonesia
Phone: +62 813-3835-1615


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    Hello! I wonder how much is the entrance fee for Uma Pakel? Thank you!

  2. Alpha says:

    Where is the detailed address? Tks

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