Green Kubu (Bali, Indonesia)

Of all the restaurants we tried in Bali, I guess this was overall the best we tried in terms of location, price and most importantly flavour. It is not your average place, in fact it is hard to get here, it is located in the middle of Tegallalang and if you don’t have your own private transport then I don’t know how to get in here. This place is located in the middle of a rice field, away from the main street, nearly open air and surrounded by vegetables hanging of vines.

Place is quite nice, lots of coloured umbrellas, a Hollywood style name on the side and a Bali swing that costs way much cheaper than the others, it is a picturesque location that is why it is quite popular on Instagram.

Another good thing with this place is that it’s not very busy, at least when we visited it, it was not popular with tourists either, even our driver did not know of its existence and he has been driving tourists for quite some time already. Parking is couple of hundred meters from the premises, which even makes it special as you will walk on the sided of the rice fields plus it will be our out your Instagram photos.

Dining here has two options, we saw a buffet menu and an ala carte, we chose the latter. We got seated on one of the corners with only vegetable vines on the top of our heads, it was like just like a natural gazebo all by ourselves. Initially we thought it would be pricey but it was the total opposite, it was very cheap and the quality of food was amazing, it was hard to believe.

We started with some Jagung Bakar (IDR 8000), a grilled corn on the cob with spicy sweet sauce. The corn was really fresh, crunchy and very sweet, the spices was just enough not too hot just enough to tickle your taste buds.

Then we had this Nasi Goreng (IDR 25000), an Indonesian fried rice served with chicken satay, fried chicken and fried egg. Another classic dish done the right way, I was just simply nice.

I also felt like having some noodle soup so I also grabbed some Mie Ayam Kubu (IDR 24000), steamed noodle, green vegetable, chicken, boiled egg served on a tasty chicken stock. This one tastes nearly similar to the Philippine Chicken Mami but with some additional spices and kick from the chillies.

They also serve Western food if you don’t fancy the local varieties, like this amazing Chicken Burger (IDR 28000), chicken patty, tomato, lettuce, fried egg, cheese served with French fries. While the fries are not as par as what we have here in New Zealand, I was surprised of the burger, it was seriously good.

For drinks we tried several ones like the Melon / Honeydew Juice (IDR 15000), Strawberry Milkshake (IDR 18000) and Tiramisu Frappe (IDR 24000), all done perfectly, I never would have expected it.

Now all of that for less than US$ 10.00, unbelievable! When we got our receipt, we thought there was something wrong, but it really was that cheap. I know Bali is cheap but for a place like this and the quality of food, it was quite hard to believe. I definitely recommend this place and if I have a chance in the future I will definitely visit this place again.

Green Kubu
Address: Jalan Cinta, Br, Pejengaji, Tegallalang, Gianyar, Bali 80561, Indonesia
Phone: +62 857-3722-2705

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  1. suituapui says:

    My kind of cuisine…but not the burger, thank you very much!

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