Bakung Noodle Bar (Bali, Indonesia)

In Kuta there is a Catholic Church and it’s just in front of the Lippo Mall that is why after attending the mass we went straight to this mall and find out what they got to offer. Outside was quite vibrant but the inside tells a different story, it’s quite quiet. There were many shops but I don’t know if they get some customers, so if you want some quiet enclave in Bali then this is good place to shop. Actually, inside is not bad, there are cinemas, a food court and heaps of souvenir shops, there is even a parlour where my wife got her hair done and they were great.

We concentrated more on the outside and like I said it was vibrant, there are many food stalls and a cosy dining area where you can watch some performances like traditional dances and even bands. We stayed for a while in their dining section and see who was performing, then when we saw the first few performances we immediately knew that it was worth to hang out here, it was very entertaining.

We then started to look around for food and we chose this place called Bakung Noodle Bar, we all feel like having some noodle soup as we have been eating dry food since we arrived in Bali. We grabbed three noodle soups where they simple name as Packet 1 (IDR 55000) and Packet 2 (IDR 45000), basically both were served with Chicken Noodle Soup, Mushroom, beef ball and wonton, packet one just has an extra beef ball, wonton and crackers. It was tasty but like the usual serving in Bali it was not enough luckily, we ordered some side.

First was from the same shop, we grabbed some Hakau (4 pcs / IDR 30000), basically shrimp dumplings in a semi-transparent and smooth steamed pastry. Not as par as the ones you get in a good Chinese restaurant but still tasty and edible.

Then just across the shop I found a small stall that sells Fried Siomay (IDR 35000), good sized serving definitely better than the Hakau, meaty and delicious.

We stayed for a while here, until the performance finished, nice place to hang out and relax specially at night when the breeze is cooler. After eating I grabbed a couple of Bintang, sat down on the comfortable seats and simply enjoyed the night with a nice music playing.

Bakung Noodle Bar
Address: Lippo Mall Kuta Jl. Kartika Plaza, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia


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