Bamboo Corner (Bali, Indonesia)

Bamboo Corner was our go to place when we were in Bali, first because they are near to where we stayed, the food was really inexpensive and it was good. Just think of this where can you get two lobsters for around $10.00 and a seafood platter complete with prawn and crab for US$6.00?

Before even going to Bali my wife already lookup on Instagram which places in Bali are highly rated by netizens, so the only thing I do is sit down order and eat. We came here several times because it was unbelievably affordable definitely best value for money, just imagine the one simple meal would be less than US$2.00. I have not taken a picture of everything but these ones that I will be showcasing below are the usual ones we order.

Let start from the most affordable ones. Lumpia Spring Roll Daging (Meat) (IDR 12000) filled with assorted vegetables, pork or chicken, two large pieces of crispy fried spring rolls served with sweet chilli sauce, good for a snack or as a side dish.

The we go to the US$2.00 (IDR 25000) range. Up first is the Babi Kecap Served with Rice, a simple stir fry of pork in what I think is Kecap Manis, it was savoury, partly sweet and spicy, looks like something I make at home on a regular basis, it’s so home cooked style.

Up next is this Pork Satay served with rice, 6 pieces of pork skewers in a spicy sweet peanut sauce, another steal. Imagine this is like US$ 0.30 per skewer.

Another steal was this Chicken Curry as described on their menu, it’s a stew of slide chicken, kare sauce and coconut milk, potatoes and served with Bali rice. Don’t know what is slide chicken, I think what they mean there is sliced chicken. Not a strong curry as I expected, this one is a mild one similar to the Chicken curry in the Philippines.

Last of the US$2.00 range is this Bak Mie Goreng, a dish of special Fried Noodles mixed with green vegetables and pork and fried egg on top. It’s like Indomie but tons better, this is what I call an Indonesian comfort dish.

Now going to their premium offers which is still very affordable. First, we had this large Seafood Basket (IDR 85000), a big basket of fried seafood, large snappers, calamari, prawns and a good-sized crab, served with salad and chips. While Balinese restaurants like this are not experts on making good chips, they do seafood really well.

Then we also have this Lobster Special (IDR 150000), a platter of two small lobsters served with steamed vegetable and side salad. It’s not your large lobsters but still a good dish, perhaps pair this with fried rice or noodles to fill you up.

For the drinks we tried their Ice Lemon Tea (IDR 6000), Strawberry Milkshake (IDR 15000) and Melon Juice (IDR 9000). Strawberry milkshake was unexpected, might be made with imported strawberries as it is pricey than others but still cheap at US$1.00.

Overall this place was great, very cheap and we liked the outdoor area which we prefer compared to the humid inside. The place is also located on a popular street but it’s on the quietest section of it. Definitely when we come back to Bali this will revisited, it is a good place for your daily usual meal.

Bamboo Corner
Address: Jl. Popies I No.26, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Phone: +62 361 765966

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