Bakso Boedjangan (Bali, Indonesia)

What’s good when you travel the off beaten path then you will discover places like this. When we were in Bali we tried to live like a local, using their transport system, visiting the back streets, watch in their cinemas, even use their local facilities like parlours and dentist. One day after our dental appointment we tried to walk against the people traffic bringing us to a quiet street that ended us in a highway the locals use. On that street we stumbled upon this place called Bakso Boedjangan.

When we came in everyone were local, we looked local as well so it was all sweet until they started to talk to us in their language. I knew a bit since I worked in Malaysia for four years and the Indonesian and Malaysian language are so close to each other so I replied back in Malay, and that’s where it becomes complicated, they responded back in a faster manner which I have a hard time understanding.

As we got seated, we were given this menu, luckily it has pictures and some of the words are similar so I know what we are ordering. Bakso Boedjangan is basically a Basko specialty shop, where the sell mostly bakso a type of Indonesian beef meatball, I tried some of this before in Malaysia and even made one at home, but now I am trying the Indonesian version, which where it all started.

First on our order was this Bakso Super Urat (IDR 28,500), on their menu it states “Uratnya beneran gurih, kamu pecinta bakso wajib coba yang satu ini” as translated from Google “The veins are really tasty, you must be meatball lovers try this one”. Nearly there but it’s not really veins, these are made with tendons and you can feel it on every bite, it has a nice texture to it.

We then have this Basko Super Mozzarella (IDR 35,000) “Keep on dragging Mozzarellanya, which makes us delicious, delicious” again translated by Google as “Keep on dragging Mozzarellanya, which makes us delicious, delicious”, nearly there but I think it needs to say something like stretchy mozzarella instead of dragging. Anyways this was good as well, a different texture than the Super Urat, softer since it does not have tendons on it.

Then we also have this Bakso Wagyu Cincang (IDR 31,000) “Kangen bakso cincang gerobakan? wajib coba menu ini deh”, now translation on this one is messed up, it says “Kangen meatballs chopped carts? must try this menu”. Words for me as deep as well so I suppose it means that this meatball is filled with Minced Wagyu beef hopefully I am correct as this was my favourite one.

Pangsit Isi Special 5 pcs (IDR 25,000), “Pelengkap yang satu ini bikin makan kamu makin nikmat. Pangsitnya crunchy bangell Pas buat makan rame-rame!”, nearly spot on Google translate “Complementing this one makes your meal more enjoyable. Bangell crunchy dumplings. It’s just right for lunch!” apart from Bangell? What does that mean, I honestly don’t know. But yes, in fact this was a perfect companion to our main dish, crunchy and very tasty.

All Bakso was served in a soup, with a bit of noodles on it. I saw the extra noodles on the menu after finishing our orders so I would suggest you get an extra or two if you love noodles as the default one is not enough.

For our drinks and dessert there’s nothing more Indonesian or even South East Asian as this, all contain Avocadoes (Alpukat), some with Durian and Young Coconut (Kelapa). First in the form of Jus Alpukat Dancow (IDR 28,000), basically Avocado Juice.

Then this Alpukat Kerok Milo (IDR 28,500), which is Avocado and Milo on ice.

And the best one which is the Es Alpukat Durian Kelapa (IDR 32,500), which is basically a combination of Avocadoes, Durian and Young Coconut, amazingly delicious!

Imagine all of that food for less than US$15.00, its one cheap meal and delicious one as well. Nice that we stumbled upon this place so that next time when we come back I know where to get a good bakso, this will definitely one of the places I will visit again, but I will make sure next time I will order that extra noodles.

Bakso Boedjangan Bali
Address: Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No.11H, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Phone: +62 361 4753969

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  1. suituapui says:

    I do enjoy bakso but we sure do not have those add-on’s here, the cheese and the wagyu…

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