Gogo Daddy (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

There are a lot of Thai restaurants in Auckland and most of them prepare the same viands like green curry, tom yam and pad thai to name some and most of these you have an option of having it in pork, chicken, beef or seafood. Some of them are really good but some are average but what I am tired of is the same menu regardless of which Thai you go to, I am not against that idea but like I said if you have the same thing again and again then you will get tired of it.

Recently we discovered this place called Gogo Daddy, after a failed attempt from an office booking, I had to do it personally. With a different menu, it’s quite a fresh approach for a Thai cuisine, at least here in Auckland. Inspired from different locations in Thailand they serve street food style dishes that came from Chiang Mai down to the floating markets of Bangkok.

Tucked in the corner of Ponsonby Central this small establishment is cosy, with a simple one pager menu, this is not as stressful as choosing what to eat from a twenty-pager menu. If you will notice there is a lot of pork on the menu and I like it, in fact all of what I ordered has pork on it starting with this Cured Pork Skewers (NZ$ 10.00), an interesting minced pork mixed with chilli, peanuts and ginger shaped as one block skewered then grilled, sort of like kofta or sausage but with an interesting sour savoury taste. Definitely a flavour profile I haven’t tried yet or not tried on a regular basis, it was interestingly weird, interestingly delicious.

We then had this salad of Crispy Squid (NZ$ 18.00) served with sour pork, cherry tomatoes, peanuts, pickled garlic. Another interesting dish, lots of flavour lots of texture. Feels and taste like Som Tam but instead of vegetables this was meaty, another unique dish for me, definitely a must try.

Then if two pork dishes are not enough I got one more in the form of Ms. Moo’s Caramelized Pork Hock (NZ$ 22.00), chopped pork hock cooked till tender then caramelized served cucumber and chilli relish. This is more familiar to me but not as a Thai Dish as we have something similar in the Philippines called Pata Hamonado , similar flavour profile but this Thai dish is true to its roots as it has its sour and hot components in the form of its accompaniment.

The dishes were definitely a first for me, it was unique and delicious. And like most Asians we enjoyed the dishes served with a freshly cooked jasmine rice. Do I recommend it? Yes! specially if you want to try the different style of Thai dishes, this will definitely widen up your choices.

Go Go Daddy Thai Canteen
Address: 4 Brown St, Ponsonby, Auckland 1011
Phone: +649 360 8080
Website: https://gogodaddy.co.nz/

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